Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rep: The Violet Eye

The Violet Eye faction has been around since the beginning of World of Warcraft. However it was not until the introduction of the Burning Crusade expansion that players could actually begin to gain reputation with them. But who exactly ARE these mysterious individuals in purple and what is their purpose on Azeroth?

Most simply put the Violet Eye is a group of Dalaran mages whose sole purpose is to monitor the activities of the Guardian of Tirisfal. As a result of this it is not surprising that the majority of the members of this sect are located either near Medivh's last residence Karazhan or the ruined remains of what was once the kingdom of Dalaran. With the believed demise of Medivh the Violet Eye is somewhat at loose ends. Locked inside the Last Guardian's tower are all the secrets they long to possess but SOMETHING else is there too. Khadgar is aware of their difficulties and willing to help out but has other concerns of his own at this point. That leaves the Violet Eye turning to players to handle the situation.

 If some how you managed to miss hearing of Karazhan in all your travels through the Eastern Kingdoms, Apprentice Tasserel at the Worlds End Tavern of Shattrah will send you there around level 68 to locate Archmage Alturus. Alturus will then start you on the chain that will allow you to get the key to enter Karazhan. Now you don't actually have to have the key to enter anymore. Any rogue with level 350 lock picking can open the door. Anyone who DOES have it can open the door for you as well however you DO need to be in a raid group to enter the instance.

Reputation for this faction is gained in only two ways. Completing the quests and/or killing mobs and bosses IN Karazhan. However most will find this is a fairly easy reputation to grind due to the fact that unlike such factions as the Hydraxian Waterlords you can continue to gain rep off of even the trash mobs all the way up to exalted. In addition to this the first boss in Karazhan drops a mount so it is usually easy to find a partner to farm him every week or an enchanter who would like to gather the four drop enchants from this instance as well. A full clear of the instance will give you anywhere from 6k-7k reputation a run.

At the time of Kara's introduction some of the reputation rewards and quest rewards were considered the best in the game. Now such things as the Violet Signet and the Blacksmithing plans sold by Koren really don't hold much monetary value. However for those who are working to get their Exalted Title this would not be a bad one to go for.

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