Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I am not sure how many of you are avid readers of Wow.com but they recently added a new feature. The art work of Kelly Aarons. Kelly has always been one of my favorite WoW world comic artist. In fact I keep a link to her website on this blog just so I can stay current on her work. When I heard she had been contracted to do a new feature each Tuesday I was ecstatic. Imagine my surprise to discover that her work will be featuring a ROGUE! Not only that but a TAUREN rogue. Of all the horde races the Tauren have always been my favorite.

Who knows where this will go but I KNOW it will be fun. Kelly's work always is. So now each Tuesday I have a new thing to look forward to in addition to keeping up on Kissless and Cadistra every week. So please give Kelly your support and Yeah Rogues!


  1. Does not compute. Tauren can't be rogues, nor will they be in the upcoming expansion.

  2. That is the idea...this is a SILLY thing.

    A Tauren who is a ROGUE? Come on, can you imagine a cow falling on your head? Let alone trying to figure out how he climbed a wall with hoves in the first place.

    The whole idea had me laughing out loud.