Thursday, November 12, 2009

Know Your Rogue Lore: Calia Hastings

At times when dealing with Rogue lore all we truly are dealing with is our own speculations, observations and opinions. This is clearing demonstrated in dealing with our topic for today Calia Hastings. The only FACTS we have about her is that she is a level 38 Alliance quest giver located at Theramore Island in Duskwallow Marsh and a member of Mathias Shaw's organization SI:7. From there pretty much everything else is subjective.

The prevailing theory is that this is none other than Prince Arthas' older sister Calia Menethil. For quite a while everyone believed that Calia was killed during the massacre following her father's death at her brother's hand but recent clues have begun to erode that idea. It all started with a short story in the RPG Horde Player's Guide in which there is contained a tale about a Paladin and a undead Priest rescuing two prisoners from Undercity, the priest refers to the girl as "my Princess".

Speculation arose even more as the result of  the recently released novel Arthas: Rise of the Lich King. Here Arthas recalls a secret passage known to his sister from her rooms to the outer walls. In the Novel Day of the Dragon Calia was presented as being enthralled with the idea of her impending betrothal to Lord Prestor but in the Arthas novel we are given an entirely DIFFERENT picture. A Calia  PROTESTING her betrothal, weeping at the prospect and actively seeking escape. Even going so far as to beg her brother not to do the same to his own children. In addition we now know from that same book that Calia had developed a close friendship with Jania Proudmore while she visited at Lorderon so the thought of her seeking sanctuary with her after its fall is more than reasonable.

The question then becomes, what about the "Hastings"? Here again there are two prevailing theories. The first is she married. Some purpose she could have married Caretaker Hastings of Karazhan or a relative of him.  Others believe that she just took on the name of Hastings as a disguise.

Now of course this could just be Caretaker Hastings wife, daughter, niece or other relative as well, but it certainly is fun to speculate isn't it?

So lets get back to what we KNOW about this individual.

She starts and ends four separate quests that you can pick up no earlier than level 32. Each of them deal with traitors amongst the guards at Theramore. It is a fairly simple and fun quest chain if your Alliance and will give you a better understanding of the politics of the area. Calia's duties for SI:7 are to make certain that Jania stays in power and protected. You as a player help her do that.

This is another character and quest series it will be interesting to see if it manages to survive the upcoming Cataclysm being that Theramore is an Island.

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