Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gear just keeps falling on my head

This past week has been rather overwhelming for me in the gear department. The problem? With the exception of one piece it has ALL been for the WRONG spec. I have been running a combat spec. I like it because even though it is a raid based spec I can still easily aoe solo with it while doing dailys and keep my secondary spec open for my PvP based Mutilate spec.

But now I am in a quandary. You see just this past week I have managed to pick up:
Dirk of the Night Watch off of Jaraxxus.
Icefall Blade off of the Twins
Leggings of the Broken Beast off  Icehowl
Trophy of the Crusade off of the Champions

Previously I have gotten:
Bloodfang Hood from Ony
The Diplomat off the Twins
Westfall Saber off of Anub'arak

So I have spent the last day pulling my hair out trying to decided if I invest the money in a full re gem as well as some more Berserking enchants to go Mutilate (not my strongest spec PvE wise) which will impact which piece I pick up with my Trophy.

I don't think it would be such a big deal for me if we weren't hitting new content this week. The idea of attempting to get a new spec down while facing bosses and hard modes I have never done before is really what is contributing to all the anxiety. The last thing I want is to see a HUGE drop in my damage output while I am trying to get this all figured out.

Part of the problem is the REST of my gear. I have my Greatness card. But I have NEVER been able to replace my Fury of the Five Flights. I was able to get the Dexterous Brightstone Band but my other ring is the old Surge Needle Ring from EoE. With the exception of my newly crafted Bracers of Swift Death the rest is 226 gear out of Uludar. Like many other rogues I am faced with the question of WHEN do I break up my Tier 8?

I have been playing with my spreed sheets but even with that I am struggling as the NEWEST one for Mutilate is still in its beta form and very buggy as well as lacking some key elements. In addition to that most of the conversations on EJ focus on weapon swapping which is not something I have a great deal of success with. (Yeah I am a noob, just to advanced for me.) So what am I going to do? (Beyond go bald from pulling hair and get a bruise on my forehead from banging my desk?)

For now I think stick with what I know keep gathering the gear and maybe sacrifice my PvP spec for a while until I get the new one down. It is about all I can think of but OOOOH is it going to be painful on the pocket book.

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