Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rep: Hydraxian Waterlords

Moving along in our Old World Reputations, lets deal with the classic MC Raider Hydraxian Waterlords. This rep has changed quite a bit from "back in the day" so if I mess up some of the details please feel free to let me know. Many of the quest chains and rep grinding options that were available to use back pre-BC are (so far as I understand) now no longer accessable so I will only be sharing that information that I am CERTAIN is still around.

Molten Core is located INSIDE the instance Blackrock Depths so if you are planning on doing this Raid and Rep grind make sure to pick up the old attunement quest. While you no longer need the attunement to enter the instance it has the advantage of porting you directly there from the quest giver as well as back from the raid instance saving valuable time.

Up until you hit Revered grinding rep is easy. The majority of the mobs within Molten Core give you rep and until you start killing bosses these mobs will continue to respawn. Even AFTER you kill bosses some of these mobs will respawn so you can easily get yourself to Revered in a week. (If you are a skinner or miner you can also sell a lot of the drops to individuals working on their Thorum Brotherhood Rep just as an FYI. Along with the other trash drops used for this.) It is after this threshold that things become more difficult.

Once you hit Revered Reputation with the Waterlords can ONLY be gained killing the bosses until you hit ALMOST Exalted, at that point rep can only be gained off the FINAL TWO bosses (Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros). The first few can easily be handled but there are a few that will give even a level 80 a tough time. (Golemagg the Incinerator for example.) So how many runs will it take you to DO this achievement you ask? Best estimate is 19 runs will get you to exalted.

Happy Grinding!

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