Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Phishing Scam

Some of you may have seen this (thank you Matt at World of Matticus for getting such a great picture of one of the E-mails I have no clue how to do that myself.) It is one of the most PROFESSIONAL and deceptive ones I have seen yet hitting right at the "non combat pet" craze.

As I stated this is NOT an official Blizzard promotion it is a VERY clever and sinister scam. The e-mail will be sent to you requesting that you fill out a "survey" and then to receive your "Jade Tiger" you must give them your Battlenet information like was done with the Mt. Dew Battlebots.

There are several clues that this is NOT an official Blizzard promotion.

1. The e-mail they send it to you is usually NOT your official Blizzard registered E-mail.
2. The Jade Tiger itself is a CHINA ONLY promotion.
3. If you wade through all the links you will find that they do indeed NOT lead back to Blizzard at all but rather to another site.

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