Saturday, November 28, 2009

Those Turkeys are a Lurking

This past week has certainly been a busy one for us all hasn't it? Between the usually holiday stuff we had this new IN GAME holiday. Now it is almost over what do I think of it? Frankly I think it was one of the best holidays Blizzard has come up with yet (even with it containing a couple of achievements that are CERTAINLY not rogue friendly.)

For the first time, without any effort on my part, the majority of the guild is almost maxed out on their cooking skill due to just attempting to complete a good number of the achievements this week. My only frustration with this personally is that lvl 300-375 cooking training still requires you to go to Zangarmarsh so I was unable to get it on my lowbies and take full advantage.

While the quest pay outs for level 80's were not THAT great the experience pay out was enough to level each of my lowbie characters at least two levels which was also nice. For really a minimum of effort you could easily turn in each daily within 20 minutes, quicker if you don't use "public transportation" and have a mount.

Since I play one of the more common races for rogues Turkey Lurkey was not quite the pain for me that it was for others I know. For Orc and Dwarf Rogues especially, this week involved large mobs of people following you around in hopes of getting their achievement. The announcement of their location in trade chat on our server was often greeted by other rogues yelling "RUN!!" My friend Boinc finally just ended up parking herself outside of Stormwind to save herself the headache.

The bane of my existence however was The Turkinator. While there are several nice macros out there for people to use. Along with things like Tracker Snacks, turning on NPC Names, floating health bars, etc which all HELP. When it all comes down to it there is an aspect of luck involved. Numerous times I would get SO close only to have another person either working on the same achievement or farming turkeys to cook cross my path resulting in the buff wearing off before I could find a LIVE turkey.

While everyone struggled with this achievement Rogues had a distinct disadvantage as we have NO ranged instant cast moves. This meant that you had to drag out the FASTEST throwing weapon you could find (1.7 was all I could scrounge up) and go looking for a thinly populated area with LARGE numbers of  Wild Turkeys.  I attempted both Tirisfal Glades and Elwynn Forest.

Tirisfal has a couple of advantages, one (at least on our server) it is less populated, two it has larger areas devoid of trees, and three it has a lower population of "beasts" to contend with when tracking. However I was FINALLY able to get this achievement in Elwynn early in the morning so TIME is another key factor when attempting it. IF you can do it at low population times you had the best success.

So now we can dust off our feathers, (I will admit getting turned into a Turkey during Battlegrounds WAS pretty funny....DEATH BY TURKEY!) and prepare for the NEXT big holiday. Winter Veil. Thankfully I only have a couple to do for this one as I did the majority of them last year.

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  1. I had the most trouble with the turkinator. Got up to 38 or 39 kills numerous times (both on Rhowynne and Llaihr) only to have someone else steal the next few kills from me. Finally got it sometime around 3:30-4am on Monday morning on Rhow, and I think around 2am Tuesday on Llaihr. I had the hardest time on him, since Tirisfal is fairly well populated on Kael'Thas, so after 2 1/2 hours of frustration in Tirisfal, I was able to get the achievement on my first try after going to Elwynn. As far as the rogue one went, well, I had my hardest time finding a night elf rogue to zap. Finally got that, along with the title and the pet turkey just before I was ready to give up wednesday night. Rhowynne will wait until next year to get the title. Not too sure how well she'd do soloing Sethekk halls, as I experienced a moderate bit of trouble on Llaihr, and he's a DK