Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finding the Fires

Due to the reintroduction of a bad tempered Dragon, the tectonic plates of Azeroth have shifted, bulged and in some cases split. The ensuing disaster means that things are not what they use to be and this can result in much confusion. Unfortunately some didn't take this into consideration when discussing the Midsummer Holiday Fires. Many of the previously well known locations are now lost beneath water, fortifications or controlled by the opposing faction.  What follows is (to the best of my knowledge) an updated list of the locations of ALL of the fires now available.  Happy hunting!


Teldrassil (Darnassus)
A: Darnassus-Warriors Terrace (64,47)
A: Dolanaar (55,60)

A: Lor'danel (49,23)

Azuremyst Isle
A: The Exodar-The Crystal Hall (41,41)
A: Azure Watch (44,53)

Bloodmyst Isle
A: Blood Watch (55,69)

A: Everlook (62,35)
H: Everlook (59,35)

Mount Hyjal
N: Nordrassil (63,23)

A: Forestsong (87, 42)
H: Silverwing Refuge (52,67)

Stonetalon Mountains
A: Mirkfallon Lake (49,31)
H: Sun Rock Retreat (50,60)

A: Nijel's Point (65,17)
H: Shadowprey Village (28,76)

Northern Barrens
H: Crossroads (52,28)

Southern Barrens
A: Fort Trumph (48,72)
H: Desolation Hold (41, 67)

H: Orgrimmar-Valley of Wisdom (47,38)
H: Razor Hill (52,47)

H: Thunder Bluff-Spirit Rise (21,26)
H: Bloodhoof Village (51,60)

A: Feathermoon Stronghold (47,44)
H: Camp Mojache (72,47)

A: Cenarion Hold (57,34)
H: Cenarion Hold (46,44)

A: Gadgetzan (52,29)
H: Gadgetzan (49,27)

A: Vir'naal (54,32)
H: Vir'naal Oasis (53,34)

Duskwallow Marsh
A: Theramore Isle (62,40)
H: Brakenwall Village (33,30)

Azshara, Moonglade, Thousand Needles, and Un'Goro Crater, do not have any bonfires.

Eastern Kingdoms
Northern Stranglethorn Vale
A: Fort Livingston (52,63)
H: Grom'gol Base Camp (41,52)

Southern Stranglethorn Vale
A: Beach East of Booty Bay (33,73)
H: Beach East of Booty Bay (32,75)

Blasted Lands
A: Nethergrade Keep (58,17)
H: Dreadmaul Hold (46,14)

Swamp of Sorrows
A: Bogpaddle (70,15)
H: Bogpaddle (76,15)

Redridge Mountains
A: Lakeshire (24,59)

A: Darkshire (74,51)

A: Moonbrook (45,62)

Elywnn Forest
A: Stormwind-The Canals (49,72)
A: Goldshire (43,65)

N: Silver Tide Hollow (49,42)

N: Temple of Earth (49,51)

Twilight Highlands
A: Thundermar (47,29)
H: Bloodgulch (43,47)

Dun Morogh
A: Ironforge-Hall of Explorers (64,25)
A: Kharanos (46,46)

Burning Stepps
A: Morgan's Vigil (80,62)
H: Flame Crest (62,29)

Loch Modan
A: Thelsamar (32,40)

A: Dragon's Mouth (19,56)
H: New Kargath (24,37)

A: Menethil Harbor (13, 47)

Arathi Highlands
A: Refuge Point (50,44)
H: Hammerfall (74,41)

A: Aerie Peak (14,50)
H: Revantusk Village (76,74)

Western Plaguelands
A: Chillwind Camp (43,82)
H: The Bulwark (29,57)

Hillsbrad Foothills
H: Tarren Hill (58,25)

Silverpine Forest
H: The Sepulcher (49,38)

Tirisfal Glades
H: Undercity-Ruins of Lordaeron (68,9)
H: Brill (57,52)

H: Tranquillien (46,26)

Eversong Woods
H: Silvermoon City-Court of the Sun (70,43)
H: North Sanctum (46,50)

There are no bone fires in Deadman's Pass, Eastern Plaquelands, the Ruins of Gilneas and Tol Barad.


A: Telaar (50,70)
H: Garadar (51,34)

Terokkar Forest
A: Allerian Stronghold (55,55)
H: Stonebreaker Hold (52,43)

Shadowmoon Valley
A: Wildhammer Stronghold (40,55)
H: Shadowmoon Village (33,30)

Hellfire Peninsula
A: Honor Hold (62,58)
H: Thrallmar (55,40)

A: Telredor (69,52)
H: Zabra'Jin (36,52)

Blade's Edge Mountains
A: Sylvanaar (42,66)
H: Thunderlord Stronghold (33,30)

A: Area 52 (31,63)
H: Area 52 (32,68)

No while there is no achievement for them, there are indeed fires in Northrend. Individuals after blossoms and cash will not want to miss them.


Howling Fjord
A: Fort Wildervar (58,16)
H: Camp Winterhoof (48,13)

A: Wintergard Keep (75,44)
H: Agmar's Hammer (39,48)

Grizzly Hills
A: Amberpine Lodge (34,61)
H: Conquest Hold (19,61)

A: Argent Stand (41,61)
H: Argent Stand (43,71)

A: K3 (42,87)
H: K3 (40,86)

Sholazar Basin
A: River's Heart (47,66)
H: River's Heart (47,62)

Borean Tundra:
A: Fizzcrank Airstrip (55,20)
H: Bor'Gorok Hold (51,12)

Crystalsong Forest
A: Windrunner's Overlook (78,75)
H: Sunreaver's Command (80,53)

There are no bonfires in either Icecrown or Wintergrasp.

I hope this is helpful.