Sunday, November 15, 2009

One of our own honored

Blizzard is well known for honoring and commemorating individuals from the WoW community in game. Some times it is as memorials, sometimes just a nod to all the hard work an individual has done before they had to say good bye but sometimes it is due to work they are doing and continue to do even now.

Recently MMO Champion data mined a nod to one of our very own. One whose work has touched many of us and with out it most of us would be unable to obtain the dps we do today. The catch phrase amongst rogues would not even BE "check the spread sheets" if not for him and his ground breaking efforts. All COMPLETELY voluntarily. I am of course talking about Aldriana and his work at Elitest Jerks.

Not a bad looking piece as an off set item that appear like they will come from (of course) the 25 man normal version of Ice Crown Citadel. I am sure Aldriana will be pleased and may I just add my own Congratulations! It may feel a little strange for him to put HIS OWN name into his spread sheet this next patch.

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