About Me

I'm a happily married mother of four boys with Autism. After a decade of working as a social worker with institutionalized adolescents I became a stay at home mom to allow for greater focus on my own children. WoW became my stress relief and life line to adult conversation. (Yeah, not so sure about the adult conversation anymore...thank goodness for my guild mates.)

This blog started at the urging of a guild mate and continues to evolve as I learn more about the genre every day. I have been playing WoW for over four years now. Was a guild master for three years and recently stepped down into a guild officer/class lead role due to real life business. (Children will do that to you.)

My first character was Daraia and even after all these years I STILL love her and everything there is to know about rogues with some WoW lore thrown in.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.