Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rep: Keepers of Time

We are now entering the area where the gathering of reputation from the Burning Crusade expansion gets a little more tricky as it takes place almost ENTIRELY within either instances or raids. This next group is even trickier because they are not even LOCATED in Outland but rather in Tanaris so getting to them can be a trek.

The Keepers of Time represent the Bronze dragonflight. What is interesting about this particular faction is that unlike the OTHER dragonflights the Bronze has several "subfactions" that deal with SPECIFIC situations under their area of influence but the Keepers of Time really represents what they as a GROUP are all about. The overseeing of ALL time lines.

When players first arrive at the Caverns of Time they must first complete a quest that gives them a quick tour of the area and explains exactly what is going on. It is here that you will discover that the actual Lord of Time Nozdormu is away and two of his off spring have been left to over see things in his absence. If you take the time to listen to Andormu and Nozari, converse you will learn that rather than risk themselves and potentially put the whole time line in jeopardy in Nozdormu's absence they decide to use mortals to help correct a situation being created by a new race of dragons called the Infinite Dragonflight.

Now there is much speculation as to exactly WHO the Infinite Dragonflight are and what is going on with them but we won't get into that now. It is enough to say that this will not be the last time you see them and I am willing to bet that they will be getting a even bigger role at some point later on.

Once you complete your tour you are asked to venture into one of the portals nearby that leads to Hillsbrad 7 years in the past. There you will meet up with another member of the dragonflight who will send you on a chain of quests to rescue Thrall. If you know the original lore it is actually quite interesting and even if you don't I have always found this to be a fun instance. You must complete EVERY part of the quest chain as you go through the instance. If you are doing it with others be SURE to check before starting the next section that everyone is ready or it will mean you will have to run the entire thing again.

Once you have complete the Durnholde chain and returned to Andormu  you will then be given a quest to protect Medivh and allowed to proceed into Black Morass. Black Morass is basically nothing more than one long endurance fight so clear out the random critters a bit to make it a little easier than walk up to Medivh to start the event. Once you complete this quest you will be given a large chunk of rep (about 8k) which should allow you to pick up your heroic key. At this point it is all just farming the instances.

Most individuals prefer to farm Black Morass as it is a quick easy grind with the most rep pay out. But if soloing that is beyond you Durnhold may be the option you wish to look at. Both normal AND heroic modes will give you reputation all the way up through exalted. There is one other option but it is VERY slow and VERY iffy and that is that you can SOMETIMES get 500 CoT rep if you HAPPEN to rescue a Keeper of Time from one of the prisons over in Netherstorm. Personally I just considered it a bonus when I was working on Consortium reputation.

Now since the Caverns of  Time ARE so out of the way the Keepers were kind enough to give us access to a couple of short cuts. If you are Revered you can speak to Zephyr at the World's End Tavern in Shattrath and she will port you directly to the Caverns. Even better than that, Zidormi has a portal from the Violet Citadel in Dalaran with NO reputation requirement. However BOTH of these options are only ONE WAY.

One other thing of note, while the portals in time are continuing to open only the Old Hillsbrad and Black Morass instances will give you Keepers of Time Reputation. The Culling of Stratholme will not help you in anyway with this faction. Sorry and Happy Grinding!


  1. just speculation, but since Deathwing had a major part in corrupting the eggs of the other dragon flights, could it be that the infinite dragon flight would be from the corrupted eggs of the Bronze, considering that a corrupted bronze would turn some shade of dark grey. again, just my speculation.

  2. That is one of the more popular theories often supported by the coloration of the Infinite dragonflight. I actually lean more towards the idea that Nozdormu is behind it. This is based off of few things really.

    1. A comment Nozdormu made to Krasus at the end of the Novel "The Sundering" in which he says "I now asssk for forgiveness for the wrongs I will caussse you in the future, but I mussst be what I am destined to be...as Malygos is."

    2. The fact that Nozdormu's most recent disappearance from his flight happened with out ANY of them knowing ANYTHING about it. Since this is an aspect who can be many places at once it stands out as strange.

    3. The quest chain you do for Chromie in Dragonblight "Mystery of the Infinite" which you see Nozdormu briefly and Chromie's reaction to this is shock.

    4. In Caverns of Time CoS the Infinite Corrupter is DIRECTLY turning a Bronze dragon into one of the Infinite Dragonflight which leads to the idea that they are nothing more than Bronze dragons PERIOD with SOME sort of alteration, perhaps FUTURE dragons. This (in my mind at least) rules out the "egg" theory.

    So as I stated, I am pretty sure we will be seeing him again but based on the history of the Males of the Dragon Aspects, things don't look good for Nozdromu. Deathwing, then Malygos, that leaves only HIM left of the three to "turn bad".

  3. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. In #2, you point to his disappearance from the flight having something to do with it. could be, but remember, noone knew where he was when he sent Rhonin & co back to the time of the War of the Ancients, etc. But on the other hand, he too is slightly mad, most likely as a result of seeing everything as it has happened, is happening, and has yet to happen (IMHO, that would drive anyone insane.) Again, I'm sure we'll see soon enough, most likely sometime soon after the next expansion

  4. Actually the point of #2 was none of his FLIGHT know what is going on. From the books while none of the OTHER aspects knew what Nozdromu was up to or dealing with HIS flight WAS aware he was dealing with a situation in time and concerned that he hadn't returned when he was suppose to.

    Nozdromu is not the only one who is able to be in multiple places and times as once. Chromie is another we see display this Bronze Dragon ability.

    This situation is different in that THIS TIME none of them were aware he was going away NOR are they aware of a specific situation he could be dealing with that would call for such secrecy. Even his prime mate Soridormi doesn't have a clue where or WHEN he could have gone.

    Like you I am most curious to see where this will lead. Speculation can be fun can't it?