Thursday, November 26, 2009

Know Your Rogue Lore: Jannok Breezesong

It is not often that a rogue TRAINER is the object of trivia and speculation but our subject of today's Know Your Rogue Lore is just that. Jannok Breezesong is one of the earliest trainers Night Elf Rogues will encounter in their travels. Located in Dolanaar, in Teldrassil, He starts two quests. One is a level 16 quest that in reality is nothing more that a feeder quest that all rogue trainers have (the exact quest varies from race to race) but all of them will eventually send you into the hands of SI:7 in Stormwind.

What makes him note worthy is actually the OTHER quest he has. There are several things about this quest that are interesting. In summery Jannok is pinning after a rogue stationed in Darnassus named Syurna. What is disturbing is his obsession with her as he is well aware his feeling are not reciprocated in the least.
Sure, I spend my every waking moment thinking about Syurna. Sure, my home is full of paintings and drawings of Syurna. Sure, I often go days without eating, sleeping, or drinking, while I lament about the love we could have had. Is that so wrong?
So lets look at the quest The Apple Falls.
The name of the quest as well as what Jannok says, or more correctly is constantly SINGING are actually part of the lyrics of a song by Depeche Mode.
Like a cat
Dragged in from the rain
Who goes straight back out
To do it all over again
I'll be back for more
It's something
That is out of our hands
Something we will never understand
It's a hidden law
The apple falls...
  Also from the quest text is an interesting tidbit.
Now she won't see me! ME! I've tried sending her messages but she won't even talk to another person unless they are a rogue.
This seems to indicate that while Jannok is a rogue TRAINER he himself is not a rogue. This has lead to some hot debate. Some feel that no he is a rogue just not one she is willing to talk to and any other messengers he happens to send her way (unless they to happen to share her profession) are rebuffed in a continued attempt to avoid him. Others believe that perhaps he was a rogue who sustained "battle injuries" that now prevent him from practicing the profession any longer. This perhaps leading both to his spurning by Syurna and his comment. Either way it certainly makes for the above average interesting trainer, especially for such a low level.

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