Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rep: Ogri'la

High in the Blade's Edge Mountains, only accessible by flying mount you will find a small and unusual community of ogres. Ogri'la is considered by many to be a play on the idea of Shangri-La as its inhabitants seem to have somehow transcended beyond the brutish behavior usually seen in ogres. But it is not a peaceful existence they have in their mountain home. Besieged by both the Black dragonflight AND the Burning Legion who seek to claim the areas resources for themselves the Ogres have turned to both the Sha'tari Skyguard and Players for assistance.

Players will usually first hear about these Ogres' plight at level 70 from Grok, a representative of the Ogres' in Blades Edge who has gone to Shattrah City to plead for help. He can be located in Lower City near the Fruit Seller Granny Smith who is frequently chastising him for eating her apples. Grok will request players to go to The Circle of Blood in Blades Edge and find Mog'dorg the Wizened.

Mog'dorg will then send players off on a short series of group quests. These quests are to help free the ogres from their gronn Masters. What is nice about these quests is that you don't actually have to be grouped to complete some of them as once the item is dropped it can be collected by anyone who happens to be in the vicinity. Once you complete this chain you are declared King/Queen of the Blade's Edge Ogres and sent to Ogre Heaven.

Gaining reputation with Ogri'la is not easy as the ONLY way to gain it is via daily quests and the number of quests you have available to you only increases as your reputation with the faction increases. It does help if you happen to already be at least honored with the Skyguard as they also will have some quests available near by which grant reputation for BOTH Skyguard AND the Ogri'la faction.

In total there are only 18 quests that grant Ogri'la reputation. Only four of them are repeatable daily quests which are opened by doing other quests so in total you will spend an average of 28 days getting this reputation from neutral to exalted. There are a couple of group quests also available which some level 80 characters may find they can solo.

One other thing of note is the currency of choice for the Ogres in Ogri'la are Apexis Crystals. These are easily gathered up simply from both mobs located in the general area as well as nodes  near Ogri'la.

Good Luck!

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