Thursday, November 5, 2009

Know Your Rogue Lore: Gamon

Once before in this series we have covered an individual who was NOT actually a Rogue. In his case it was due to confusion as many people THOUGHT he was one (I still have people tell me I am wrong.) The individual we are going to look at today makes no pretense at claiming to BE a Rogue, his race can't even learn the trade but his presence greatly impacts Orc and Troll Rogues and from them the REST of the Horde as a whole.

Gamon is a level 7-12 Tauren warrior (his exact level changes each spawn time which is about every 5 minutes) who is part of the rogue quest The Shattered Hand. In order for rogues to be able to pick pocket an individual they must also be allowed to ATTACK them and this has lead to a rather interesting and unanticipated difficulty. Gamon is a drunkard who hangs out in the main Inn of Orgrimmar the BUSIEST city of the Horde. Since he is vulnerable to Mind Control and there is NO penalty for attacking and/or killing him the options open for mischief are endless. Rogues are often forced to both camp and plead with their follow players while attempting to complete their low level quest.

With the release of patch 3.0.2 Gamon received a unique ability called Pride Breaker. It is basically a knock back ability but priests especially liked it as while controlling Gamon  they could use it to knock fellow players off of mail boxes and mounts. (This control was later lost in patch 3.1.0)

It isn't often that a rogue quest objective reaches such legendary status but Gamon's presence has literally effected the over all feel and environment of the game for many Horde players.  Few can log on in Orgrimmar with out being greeted by the sounds of fighting and a dying Tauren as Gamon faces repeated execution by players. This has helped contribute to the lawless feel of this Horde Capital city. It was further driven home with the introduction of the Death Knights to the Game. While all other NPC's greet them as unfriendly when doing the quest "Warchief's Blessing" Gamon is actively hostile and will pursue the Death Knight swearing vengeance in the name of the Horde.

Like the Alliance's Hogger Gamon is frequently the victim of long kiting expeditions, lvl 1 raids, as well as claims for epic and legendary loot drops in trade chat. His death is often greeted with spammed emotes of /cry, /cheer, /dance, /mourn and /spit. Clemency for him is only pleaded by the few rogues desperate to complete their quest.

When Horde players complete the achievement Veteran of the Wrathgate and return to the phased Orgimmar which has been placed under martial law. Gamon is one of the NPC's they will find gathered at the bank. We can only hope that in the rumored upcoming destruction of Ogrimmar during the Cataclysm Gamon will survive.


  1. He does survive, he becomes a level 85 elite, and is capable of 2 hitting most players. I can see Gamon "raids" become a regular in Org.

  2. I had heard that but nothing confirmed. It will be nice that he will finally be able to fight back! Gamon has really earned a place in Orgrimmar's over all ambiance so it would have been a shame to lose him.