Monday, November 16, 2009

Going pugging

This past week has been an adventure for me in real life. We discovered that our dryer's vent from our laundry room which is SUPPOSE to pipe UNDER our kitchen through the crawl space and then outside had split in two places. So instead of going where it was intended all that nice hot moist air was going INTO the crawl space and rotting out the floor. Of course it was located just under our freezer and fridge causing a minor floor collapse.

So rather than raiding I spent most of the week dealing with insurance adjusters, contractors along with family and friends as we began the lovely process of relocating my kitchen so we can start demoing my floor. (Yes I DID want to remodel it but...not right before the holidays not matter WHAT the plate wearer in the family jokingly accuses, I am not THAT evil or demented thank you very much.)

Last night was the first time I really FELT like raiding. I still wasn't up to my usual standard but when I got a whisper to join a ToC 25 man pug I figured hey, why not. I personally enjoy pugging 25 mans. It gives me a chance to see other peoples strategies and techniques as well as test my own skills against others. The Raid Leader was Phatton. (That is actually his alt his Main is a Lock) mix his heavy Indian accent with his mic that kept shorting out and it made for an interesting night hearing instructions. Thankfully the majority of us were already familiar with the instance.

The rest of the group was a nice mix though we were kinda heavy on the mages (had 5 of them). Only one guy was one of "those guys". You know the ones....all about the dps meters, cocky, "I clear this on heroic why do I need to be on vent?" those types. It was kinda funny actually as when it came right down to it the top 8 dps were ALL really tight. We were only separated by maybe 10 points each. It was only as we got specific jobs that our damage over all started to space out. (I got interrupt and lock down duties, another mage got spell stealing, and two others polymorphing) it made for a nice smooth run up until we got to the twins.

Now the strategy we used is that all the dps went dark and all the healers light and we just focus on the light girl. This was a new strat to me as I had always done the split strat before. It is a riskier strat and well...our luck wasn't with us as the dark girl kept getting the shield. We hit the enrage timer with them at 3%.

At this point some of the raid had to leave. So there we sat. We were down to 23 and another FRESH raid was starting up so there was little chance of us picking up more to a raid almost finished. We decided to just press on and see if we could do it anyway. This time we did it, the girls went down but at that point we lost two more to the raid one of them being a tank so we couldn't finish. Hopefully we will get Anub tonight but even if we don't I didn't walk away empty handed.

The loot rules were 1 epic per person, you could roll on the trophies if you had the emblems to get gear with them and patterns if you had the trade and the skill to learn it. (Same as our guild's rules when we pug which I liked). Well Blood Fury dropped off of Jaraxxus. Now I am Fist/dagger and the other rogue that was with us was Assassination so when the Raid leader called for a roll the two of us were whispering furiously back and forth to each other. The poor raid leader is like "Rogues? Neither of you WANT that?" So I told him "It is off spec for both of us and we don't know what the rule is on off spec so we are talking about it." At that point the raid leader opened it up for "free to off spec" well then it was me, the other rogue and one of the shammys. Of course (because it is an OFF HAND) I rolled a 99.

So after the raid I had to head over to Ironforge to do it....break down and learn Axes. Then I went to my bank, rummaged through all my weapons (it is kind disgusting how many off hands I actually have) thankfully I never did bother to do anything with the Westfall Saber I got a few weeks ago...though it DOES look cool....Finally located my Silent Crusader I had gotten to use for all of two days back in my Nax days and headed off to Strat to work on leveling my skill. (I have a phobia about having a skill UN maxed.) Figure if I have to get it maxed up may as well work on getting that stupid mount off of the Baron while I do it.

So now I will be a lumber jack for a little bit and I don't care...but I REFUSE to wear High heels, those things HURT and slow you down.


  1. "I clear this on heroic, so I don't need to be on vent", was that just a general descriptive tool to describe that guy, or was he actually saying he cleared 25 man on Heroic?

  2. That was a direct quote but what I actually THINK he MENT was "I clear this on 10 man Heroic" since we all know that there are only a few guilds in the WORLD clearing it on 25 man heroic.

  3. Oh, ok. I was going to say, I'm pretty sure there are only 2 guilds on our server, so I wondered.

  4. Yeah, and he wasn't in either of those guilds. In addition to that you really need to be doing about 9k as a dps for ToCGC and well, he wasn't near he COULD have been on an alt and have a MAIN in one of those guilds but...judging by the guild he was in I doubt it.

    Putting all that aside, even if you DO clear ToCGC the REST of the group doesn't and you have no CLUE what the OTHER 24 people in your party are going to be doing.