Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here come the Trolls

Like a great many I took a furlough from Wow. It didn't start out by choice, then when I was able to come back it came as somewhat of a shock to realize it had been over a month. By this time real life had reached out and gotten its grip on more than just myself and the plate wearer but several others in our raid group. I was coming to realize that little in this expansion was keeping my attention unless I had my guildies to interact with while I was playing. (Mumble is my life line.) Furthermore I still really only wanted to play Dar.

Yeah, I had gotten my others to 85. I had even managed to get some long neglected lowbie alts almost there as well as start some others and level them...but by the time I was looking at doing the 80 to 85 grind AGAIN I just found I couldn't do it. After 6 years burn out had set in and it was time to take a step back. The hope being that with the patch my friends would all be energized and back which would help ME.

I'll be honest here. I AM looking forward to the return of ZA and ZG because I've always enjoyed both of those instances. The reworking of them looks fantastic. The way they worked the story line makes SENSE. However I have never been overly fond of Troll instances in general when it comes to the aesthetics of loot. I mean, come on, their stuff is just UGLY....most of the time knees are hanging out, you have a poorly painted board strapped to your face they call head gear, and dead animals complete the rest of the ensemble. *shutter*

Sure it is just a quick blip before the next batch of raid content but hopefully it will be enough to keep us energized. At least those of us who really ENJOY running 5 man content. Sadly I still am not pugging it, I much prefer an enjoyable run with guildies helping to gear up for raids and with all the Valor points those new instances are dishing out we may be able to get some of our newer people taken care of quickly.