Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tabards for the Thrifty

Continuing in our series of "Achievements for the Thrifty" I decided to look at the 25 Tabards Achievement. This is actually the LAST in a series of three tabard related achievements in the "General Achievement" category and one of the easiest to obtain.

HOWEVER if you are like me even spending 80 silver for a tabard to gain an achievement is annoying so we will look first at all the tabards you can get for relatively nothing more than TIME and go on to end with those that will cost you *gasp* REAL money...

Battlegrounds -

Knights Colors purchased with WSG, AB and AV Marks
Private's Tabard purchased with WSG and AB Marks
Silverwing Battle Tabard Purchased with WSG Marks
Stormpike Battle Tabard Purchased with AV Marks
Arathor Battle Tabard Quest reward

Stone Guard's Herald Purchased with WSG, AB and AV Marks
Scout's Tabard Purchased with WSG and AB Marks
Warsong Battle Tabard Purchased with WSG Marks
Frostwolf Battle Tabard Purchased with AV Marks
Battle Tabard of the Defilers Quest Reward

Arena -
Tabard of Brute Force Win 300 ranked arena matches
Furious Gladiators Tabard achieve a 2300 Arena rating and costs 500pts

Drop - Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade Drops off of Scarlet Trainees

Achievement Awards -
Loremaster's Colors Reward for The Loremaster Achievement
Tabard of the Explorer Reward for the Explore Northrend Achievement
Tabard of the Achiever (however as this is the REWARD for this achievement it won't help you)

Reputation BUILDING Tabards - (so most people will have to purchased them anyway)
Tabard of the Kirin Tor purchase at Friendly from Archmage Alvareaux in Dalaran
Tabard of The Wyrmrest Accord purchase at Friendly from Cielstasza at Wrymrest Temple
Tabard of the Ebon Blade purchase at Friendly from Duchess Mynx at the Shadowvault in Ice Crown AFTER completing the quest chain that allows the Ebon Blade to make it their base.
Tabard of the Argent Crusade purchase at Friendly from Veteran Crudaser Aliocha Segard at Argent Vangard in Ice Crown

Argent Tournament Champion Rewards -

Darnassus Tabard Champion with Darnass and 50 champion seals
Exodar Tabard Champion with Exodar and 50 Champion seals
Gnomergan Tabard Champion with Gnomergan and 50 Champion seals
Ironforge Tabard Champion with Ironforge and 50 Champion seals
Stromwind Tabard Champion with Stormwind and 50 Champion seals

Orgimmar Tabard Champion with Orgimmar and 50 Champion seals
Sen'jin Tabard Champion with Sen'jin and 50 Champion seals
Silvermoon City Tabard Champion with Silvermoon City and 50 Champion seals
Thunder Bluff Tabard Champion with Thunder Bluff and 50 Champion seals
Undercity Tabard Champion with Undercity and 50 Champion seals

Limited Issue - (so you MIGHT have gotten these in the past)
Tabard of the Argent Dawn obtained as part of the invasion and opening of Naxxramas.
Tabard of the Protector quest reward from Into the Breach from the opening of the Dark Portal
Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari quest reward from The Battle of the Crimson Watch
Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari quest reward from The Battle of the Crimson Watch
Competitor's Tabard obtained from participating in battlegrounds during the 2008 summer Olympics

Quests -
Tabard of Summer Flames Quest reward from Shards of Ahune during the Midsummer Festival
Tabard of Summer Skies Quest reward from Shard of Ahune durign the Midsummer Festival
Blood Knight Tabard (Blood Elf Palidin only) quest reward from True Masters of the Light
Tabard of the Hand (Draenei only) Quest reward from The Unwritten Prophecy

Purchased - Either at the specific faction vendor OR any of the 9 TABARD Vendors
Guild Tabard
Aldor Tabard
Cenarion Expedition Tabard
Consortium Tabard
Honor Hold Tabard (Alliance Only)
Keepers of Time Tabard
Kurenai Tabard (Alliance Only)
Lower City Tabard
Mag'nar Tabard (Horde Only)
Ogri'la Tabard
Scryers Tabard
Sha'tar Tabard
Skyguard Tabard
Sporeggar Tabard
Tabard of the Shattered Sun
Thrallmar Tabard (Horde Only)

Trading Card Game -
Tabard of Brilliance
Tabard of Flame
Tabard of Frost
Tabard of Fury
Tabard of Nature
Tabard of Arcane
Tabard of Defender
Tabard of Void

With the induction of the Argent Tournament doing this achievement with out putting a lot of financial investment is MORE than obtainable.

I have since discovered that the Argent Tournament Tabards do NOT seem to count towards this achievement. As this is appearing to be the case I would hazard a guess that the new Arena Achievement Tabards may ALSO not count towards it as well. This leaves only the other 58 Tabards mentioned.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Insane in the Membrane for the thrifty

So I mentioned I wanted to start a series on achievements. This will be the first installment. The one I am currently working on. It all started with a personal goal I had to get Exalted with Ravenholdt Manor (I mean if you are going to call the Blog "Daughter of Ravenholdt Manor" you HAVE to be Exalted with them Right?) So when I first heard of this achievement I decided I would work on it along with that. Being that I am NOTORIOUSLY Cheap (or Thrifty) I will explain how to do this in that manor.

So how should you tackle this achievement?

Exalted with Ravenholdt Rep.

First if you are a ROGUE you are better off than any class because only Rogues can easily gain rep with Ravenholdt Manor. So if you AREN'T a Rogue you are going to want to either make a Rogue alt, convince a Rogue to join you in doing this crazy achievement OR bribe them to help you. Up until Revered the way to gain Ravenholdt rep is easy, just kill Syndicate members. (Again if you are a Rogue there is a quest that makes this slightly easier earlier on.) Once you have reached Revered however things will slow down DRASTICALLY and get BORING. From now on the ONLY way to gain rep is via a repeatable quest Junkboxes Needed. These Boxes are ONLY obtained through Pick pocketing lvl 50-60 old world mobs. So my suggestion would be to get these boxes while working on your other rep just to break up the monotony. (More on that later.)

Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers.

The EASIEST way to do this is to get a large group of people and you can get this done in just a matter of a few hours. All you have to do is kill Booty Bay Guards.

Exalted with Booty Bay
Exalted with Everlook
Exalted with Gadgetzan
Exalted with Ratchet

Now that you have worked so hard to DESTROY all that Goblin rep, you need to get it all back. There are two ways you can do it. One way is to go to Gadgetzan and farm the Wastewater Bandits and Thieves. The OTHER way and the one I would recommend is to go to Dire Maul and Farm Diremaul North. The reason for this is three fold. One, can pick pocket farm Junk boxes for Ravenholdt Rep. Two, you might get lucky and get the Key for Free Knot  as well as pick up the Ogre Tannin for the  Gordok Ogre Suit quest. These two quests give EQUAL reputation for ALL the goblin factions. Three, you ALSO run the chance of getting the books you need to gain rep with the NEXT faction you need:

Exalted with Shen'dralar

Now Shen'dralar rep can ONLY be gained by turning in books or Librams. So you will need to stockpile a few items as these Librams do NOT stack. You can only carry 1 of the each of the 3 Librams at a time. Each CLASS has a book which can be turned in 1 time as well. But the Librams take additional regents you will need to have with you to turn in. These regents will need to be farmed ahead of time as some of them are Bind on Pick up. The regents are Pristine Black Diamonds, Large Brilliant Shards, Blood of Heroes, Skin of Shadow, and/or Frayed Abomination Stitching. Again take a Rogue with you as you can farm Junk boxes while farming for your regents.

Exalted with Darkmoon Faire

Gaining Rep with Darkmoon Faire has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY easier with the introduction of inscription. All you need is to have a Scribe and make Darkmoon faire Decks. Some prefer to use the lower level ones like the Rogue Decks as they can be turn them in at ANY time. No waiting for the faire to come to town. The problem is they only grant 25 reputation EACH card deck so that is A LOT of decks. (One estimate was about 5k). Others prefer to make the trinket cards since these are no longer Bind on Pick up so you can then sell the trinkets on the Auction House and at least recoup a little of your investment. If you plan to go this route purchase cards during the "off" times or when the Darkmoon faire is NOT around as they are generally significantly cheaper. Either way do the Darkmoon Faire "Ticket quests" before starting on the decks. (Once you reach 2000/6000 of friendly after that point the ONLY way to go further is via the decks.)

Last few tips for the "thrifty" Achiever.

If you are making a Rogue to help you do this achievement train them as an inscriptionist/herbalist. In addition to that if you or someone else can tag along and dis enchant to provide you with the Large Brilliant shards as you clear out the bosses in Scholomance and Strat while farming for your Frayed Abomination Stitching and Skin of Shadow this will EASILY provide you with the shards you need. (You can try bribing them with the promise of the Baron's mount from Strat.) If you manage to reach exalted with the Goblins and Shen'darlar before reaching exalted with Ravenholdt I would suggest farming boxes in Scholomance. By the time you have completed once sweep of all the humanoids the ones at the beginning will again have items in their pockets.

You now have a title only a few AND insane have gained Congratulations!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Arthas: Rise of the Lich King

So yesterday it arrived...and was promptly snatched out of my hot little hands by my greedy husband...but he was sick so I relented and allowed him to read it first...it was agony.

Ms. Golden did a superb job on this latest entry in the World of Warcraft Lore cannon. Her pro trail of Arthas through out his life from earliest childhood to present day makes sense and is a quick and easy read. Other major lore figures such as Jaina Proudmore and Sylvanas Windrunner are fleshed out in ways that give true depth and motivation as you see how they relate to the Lich King now.

The book also gives you a better sense of time line and just how YOUNG Thrall is in comparison to the other leaders in World of Warcraft. (Jaina is stated to be age 35 at present day which would make Thrall only in his mid 20s and Varain around 40.)

The romance between Miss Proudmore and Arthas is believable and poignant. You can see how it effects decisions made by both of them even to present day. It is done is a tasteful manner that doesn't over whelm the story.

Over all I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something to do during their next maintenance day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Since the patch

It has been about a week since we finally got patch 3.1, a full week earlier than I and many others were expecting to see it. So what all have YOU been doing? How are you liking it?

For myself, considering this is the LARGEST content patch Blizzard has ever done it has gone fairly smoothly only a few minor issues I had to personally deal with.

As expected the night of and following the Patch server stability was shaky. We had to cancel the raids both for Tuesday and Wednesday as a result of it. It was really not until Thursday that we had a chance to get back onto Nax and even then it went MUCH slower than the norm as people adjusted to their new specs and talent changes.

The Dual specs, (while VERY nice and convenient) were also causing issues as people were learning to adjust to them. Personally I have been dealing with the bug that resets my talent points every time I switch specs. Others were having to deal with complete gear switches and trying to remember which gear/spec they were in at the time. I was FINALLY able to convince my husband to allow Outfitter on our machines to replace ItemRack as I liked Outfitter's ability to handle the dual spec in a more convenient manor.

We did stick our noses into Ulduar and while we didn't get far (downed Flame Leviathan and did some rounds on Ignis.) The 75g repair bill was worth it as we had A LOT of fun learning the new system. Daraia's luck on off hand weapons STILL holds true as she was able to pick up yet another one, the Kinetic Ripper. I do have to say I REALLY like the look of it, much better than the usual "dead animal" you get with most other fist weapons.

Other than that I FINALLY hit 5000+ Achievement points Tuesday, a personal goal I had for myself. I could have gotten them sooner if I was not so cheap and refusing to BUY anything. Purchase mounts or pets for an achievement? Not going to happen. I am so cheap I won't even buy the tabards you need for Twenty-Five Tabards even though I could EASILY get it. So it has taken me a little bit longer to reach this milestone than it could have. I am even thinking of starting a series on achievements and how to get some of them.

The Argent Tournament has also started and I am sure all of you are working on, if you have not already achieved your Champion title today. Daraia of course got hers with Stormwind and has now started on Gnomeregan. (Of all the pets I really would like the little Mechanopeep.) She is once again in possession of her slave, The Argent Squire.

She has also been working on the fishing daily, (not for the Turtle mount) but rather to get the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat which she had been unable to obtain until today. If we keep getting the Jewel Of The Sewer everyday like we have for the past three she might even get herself the Giant Sewer Rat pet.

So that is what I have been up to for the past few days, how about the rest of you?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patch Day decisions

So I thought I would have a week to play around and figure out my specs but instead I get to decided TODAY!!

So this is what I am thinking:

Main Spec 15/51/5
Still stay combat. Right now I am glyphed with Sinister strike, Rupture and Slice and Dice. I will have to see if any of those need to be changed out, (I have been studying the Adrenaline Rush Glyph) but for now I am happy with them. I will be changing my poisons slightly in that I have been using Wound/Wound and will now be going to a Wound/Deadly Poison combo to take advantage of the new changes to those poisons or perhaps even DP/WP still figuring on that one. Rotation for now is a 3s/5r/5e but I will have to see if that needs any tweaking or not.

Secondary Spec 51/13/7
I am still debating on the weapons choices, for now I am going to go with Webbed Death and Murder. Glyphs I am thinking Hunger for Blood, Mutilate and Rupture. Poisons with be Instant/Deadly poison. Rotation I am thinking I will go with 4+n/e,4+r. Again it will take some work figuring it out as mutilate has never been one of my stronger specs.

So I have my plan of action now it is just waiting for the servers to come up and cancel all the raids for tonight since we all know from experience major patch days are NOT good days to try to raid. As to the plans for the rest of the week? That is still up in the air. I am already hearing the crys of "ULDUAR ULDUAR ULDUAR" but as to WHEN we will bust down those doors, yeah that is going to take me a little time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Re specing/Duel specing

It never fails...complain about loot drops and BAM there they go. This past few days has been a roller coaster FINALLY we see Silent Crusader drop. (It went to another rogue who happens to be sword speced so I am was PERFECTLY happy with that.) But that was not all...guess what I managed to pick up? Murder and Sinister Revenge. BOTH of these were because no one else could use them and they were off spec rolls...How sad is that?

So now I am in a quandary...what do I do? I already HAVE Webbed Death. Pair that with Murder and I have a REALLY nice Mutilate set. But then I have Sinister Revenge...with the upcoming changes in patch 3.1 it is looking like where now fast/fast is what you want for Mutilate Slow/Slow or Slow/Fast may be where it is going so I am sitting well with Sinister Revenge.

My husband watched me for a bit pulling my hair as I tried to figure out the math. (I know some of you are saying...Dar, plug them into the spread sheet DUH!) Well here is the problem...I have never had ACCESS to the spread sheets because I don't have Excel. For those of you who say use the "Open office" version you have never used these spread sheets because believe me, it doesn't work...I have tired. EVERYTHING I could think of save piracy and actually getting the Software. So there I was with my good ole napkin math trying AGAIN to figure out what to do when I got a kiss on the head and "I love you and the soft ware will be here next week". YIPPEE!! Can he give good presents or what?

Now I just have to wait and decided what spec I want to go with as main...If this keeps up perhaps I can get Calamity's Grasp next week and REALLY have a hair puller! (Yeah not holding my breath on that one.) In all honesty the hardest part I have with Mutilate is just GETTING the cycles. While it IS a fun spec to play it is not one that I am comfortable enough with that I can easily flow into the rotation. Sadly I feel unworthy of the weapons I have and like I NEED to go back to the drawing board so that they can be used to their full potential.

The other thing is I need to revisit my gear. Over all I should be ok gear wise to support a mutilate spec but my trinkets were chosen more for Combat, Darkmoon card: Greatness and Fury of the Five Flights. I still have my Mirror of Truth sitting in the bank so I can dust that off. Personally I believe my Crit is a little low at the moment so that will need some tweaking as well. It is going to be fun! (At least that is what I keep telling myself.)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Account Security

Last night while preparing for our Heroic Nax run a disturbing conversation took place. "Dar, I think one of our member's accounts got hacked."

This isn't the first time a conversation like this has taken place. Most famously for our guild at least was the time when MY OWN account was hacked and I lost EVERYTHING. All but my three level 70 toons were deleted and all their gear vendored. This included three guild bank toons. We recovered and I learned a great deal about how Blizzard handles the Account Compromise situations and what I could do as a Guild Master and Friend. Thankfully in that situation I was able to get MOST of my gear back at least on Daraia (who really mattered to me at least) but four 32 slot bags worth of Primals and enchanting supplies? yeah...those were gone for good. Ouch. As one guild member put it "You just financed a Big screen TV and rent for 3 months." sigh...

So Mid Nax run I was talking to a GM reporting the account compromise while handling the Horseman Loot (thankfully the timing was excellent on that and everyone very understanding.) But it got me to thinking again about good ole account Compromises and what you as a World of War Craft Player can do or should know about them.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

1. Don't share your account information.
It seems pretty simple but most people who get "hacked" have it done by so called "friends". This is especially true of younger players. Also the good ole "No Blizzard Employee will ever ask for your Account password" etc. If the only person who has your account name and pass word is YOU the less likelihood you have of getting hacked.

2. Regularly run Spy and Virus detection software. I do it daily. In my case I was hacked by a bombardment hack but most frequently you hear of "key loggers" This is how THEY get in. Spy and Virus software helps prevent THESE types of hacks.

3. Change your password OFTEN.
Personally I like the 3 month rule and use letters, numbers and characters like #@ or $ in your password. Still make it easy to remember but simple things like this add to security.

4. Don't share computers.
This is not an option for everyone but it another way you can protect yourself. If you don't SHARE a computer you are less likely to have nasty stuff show up on it.

5. Put yourself on Parental control.
Huh? Yeah, If there are times you NEVER play WoW, Say 3 am til 6 am Monday through Friday, set parental controls so that NO ONE can access your account during those times. 3am-6am are the MOST active time for hackers because those are the LEAST active times for the average player.

I am not one for pushing a product but this is the BEST investment in security and peace of mind you can make. For little more than you would pay for a Graude Coffee your worries about hacking literally DISAPPEAR.

If however like myself and many others you DO fall victim to a hacker. What can you do? As my guildy said "Well Blizzard is closed for the night I can't do anything." WRONG! YOU CAN!

1. Get on Worldofwarcraft.com and go to "Account Management" Log on and you can change your password.

2. If you get on and discover that (as has happened with some individuals) the hacker has already CHANGED your password, you can contact Blizzard or have a FRIEND (like your friendly neighborhood Guild Master) report the issue to a GM as a Account Compromise. You can also contact Blizzard at Wowcharhelp@blizzard.com. Once you do this you should get an e-mail from Blizzards investigations department regarding the account.

Now all this is ASSUMING you owned the account from the beginning. If you purchased it on line or got it from a Friend so you don't have access to the start up information you may find your self out of luck and have to start all over again from ground zero. But from my personal experience if you are persistent and stick it out a LOT of what gets lost CAN be restored after a hack.

So now I will be helping yet another guildy along that road of recovery. Hopefully I can help others keep from having to walk the road at all. I do want to clarify this is a VERY simplistic guide. There are a LOT of things I left out. It is a "Cliff Notes" if you will. But they are all good things to keep in mind and I hope helpful to you all.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Those few pieces that allude me

Encypted Text was talking today about how WEAPON dependent Rogues are for our dps. I have to say I agree with him 100%. It is something I have been complaining about for a while as being a huge weakness of the class. Part of that is because when it comes to Weapons drops, specifically MAIN HAND weapons drops Daraia has VERY bad Luck. Things just DON'T drop for her, or when they DO drop she doesn't get them.

She has seen Calamity's Grasp drop ONCE and go to another rogue who was only there for that one fight from the ENTIRE RAID (No, the bitterness towards Warninja has not faded *cry*). She has also seen Silent Crusader drop and lose it to a Death Knight. (Again, the bitterness will fade they tell me...sniffle.) Off hand? OH THOSE she can get, but even then I can't get a pair so I would consider respecing. I DID manage to get my hot little hands on Webbed Death but another one to go with it? or Sinister Revenge even Anarchy? Nope.

Some in the guild even joke about Daraia's luck on Weapons. Her current Main hand is Greed. Whenever anyone complains about how many runs it took to get their Healing mace out of Nexus or their Tanking Sword out of Utgarde Pinnacle, They bring up Daraia. You have not FARMED an instance for an item until you have LOST TRACK of the number of times you have run it. (I lost track after 30 and I know from what others told me that it was at least over 50 runs before I finally GOT Greed because THEY all counted how many times they had run it with me.) I will say this for Blizzard the fact that they had a silly mount in there helped me a great deal in getting my main hand. All I had to do was say "who wants to go for a mount run?" and I could usually get a group.

Other than that only a few pieces of gear still allude me. Fool's Trial that I have seen numerous times and just lost the rolls. I know it will come in time. Belt of the Tortured this I have YET to see drop. And finally my helm. While I would of course prefer my Valorous Bonescythe Helmet I would happily settle for Hood of the Exodus. Which I have seen drop once but passed on to another rogue who was in a blue.

If it wasn't for the main hand weapon issue Daraia isn't doing to badly. It will be interesting to see as the new loot tables get fleshed out how this might change the framework for all of us Rogues who at this point struggle to get our DPS up when the gear just won't come our way.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Place of Alts

Yesterday we had a guild meeting and one of the questions that came up was: Should we look at leveling up alts to filling in some of the "holes" we see in our raid line ups?

This isn't the first time this question has come up but the answer that I gave was very different this time. In Burning Crusade we faced this same question and at that time we decided to do just that, level up alts to fill up those empty slots. The thought at the time was "That way no raid will have to be canceled because we don't have a specific class we need for such and such boss." What we discovered was those individuals then were NEVER able to have their mains there for those bosses because they were ALWAYS on those specific alts. In my case I ended up missing out on some content ENTIRELY on my main because I was ALWAYS required to play my alt and I was not alone in this. I also saw that it negatively impacted the GUILD as a whole because people felt there was no NEED or ROOM for them in raids. So they felt no motivation to level or gear up.

As a result of this the guild as a whole got stuck and unable to progress. On PAPER we had enough CHARACTERS geared to do 25 man raids but they were all on 15-20 peoples accounts. So when Lich King was announced I told all my guild members they were going to have to make a choice. CHOOSE A MAIN. For some of my players this was VERY hard. They had MULTIPLE mains (I myself had lvled 3 equally and they all got almost equal play time but Daraia was without question my main.) But I knew going into LK that if we REALLY wanted to have "progression" like they were telling me they wanted, that is what it was going to take.

As I look out over my guild we are in kind of a strange spot. We HAVE good healers. We HAVE good tanks. It is DPS that we have been hurting on. (Go figure...have to be the only guild in the WORLD with this problem...) We need Locks, we need Shamans. But most importantly we need CONSTANCY. We are a CASUAL Raiding guild. This means we KNOW that everyone has a LIFE outside of World of War Craft. We ENCOURAGE it.

As much as it might annoy me as the Raid leader to have my Top players go AWOL. I want their marriages, children, Real life relationships, jobs, ETC to come FIRST, NOT pixels on a screen. THOSE things will be around LONG AFTER WOW and all this content are but a fond memory.

So what role DO Alts play in all of this?

Personally I DO think alts ARE important for a variety of reasons.

1. They can give you a break from your main. Some times you need this so you don't burn out on your main character, just a change of pace from the daily grind.

2. They can provide needed assistance FOR your main. Be it crafts, funds, mats, whatever.

3. They can give you a new prospective on fights. I know for myself this is VERY true if you only see a fight from the Healing perspective try it as a Melee, a Ranged, A tank. You will learn a TON about a fight that you never knew before.

4. They can allow you to meet new people. Yeah this too...some times we get to well known as our main....it can be fun to "hide" on an alt. I know this is true for me. My Priest and Rogue are pretty well known but my Hunter? VERY few people realize it is me when I am on her. I LOVE that. I learn ALL SORTS of things when I am on Her and I LOVE it. She has her OWN circle of friends. Occasionally my cover is blown and the response is usually something like "I WAS TELLING YOU HOW TO DO THIS?!?!" but that is ok, I LIKE being incognito on my hunter.

5. An Alt just MIGHT end up becoming your new MAIN so don't be afraid to try one. While this was NOT the case for me I have seen it for MANY MANY others. So don't be afraid to experiment. That is what alts are for. We have 10 slots so if you are inclined fill them up and try them out. It gives you that chance to try out trades, etc too.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Jokes

One of the things I like BEST about Blizzard is their sense of humor and their April Fools jokes Top the list. One of this years is fantastic.

Set up like "Shave and a Hair cut" this achievement's "cost" varies depending on what "features" you add. (Everything from Cosmetic to speed increases, Girlfriends to repair Gnomes.)

As with ALL good April Fool's jokes a good number of people fell for it and were up in arms about either the COST or the FEATURES which adds to the fun.

Of course then there is The Dance Battle System as well if you some how miss that one. (For those of us who DESPERATELY wish to change our dance this is a HORRIBLE tease. (You will notice no human females were seen in that video.)

Another one that has People going ALL crazy is the "Blizzard has taken court action against WotlkWikki and Closed it down" This has individuals TOTALLY up in arms and screaming in trade chat on our server. VERY few people have actually taken the time to think about the fact of what DAY it is before falling into complete panic.

Ah, fun times. I wonder what others I missed....I am sure we will find out tomorrow.