Thursday, October 29, 2009

Know Your Rogue Lore: Mathias Shaw

Now for our final installment of what is really a three part piece in Know Your Rogue Lore. Mathias Shaw, the man who heads BOTH the Stormwind Assassins AND SI:7 an impressive feat for such a young man. So who exactly IS he and how did he come to hold such a powerful position?

Mathias' mother was a First Finger assassin who was killed while fulfilling an assignment when Mathias was only four years old. Of his father nothing is known but it is assumed he was either already dead or out of the picture before this time. As a result it was at this tender age Mathias fell to the care of his Grandparents Pathonia Shaw and her long time lover Waltion Freemore. As the founder of the Assassins Guild Pathonia did not think it right to hide from Mathias the truth about his mother's death nor the family business.

Mathias became the youngest member of the guild when he achieved Fourth Finger status at the age of 10 slowly working his way up through the ranks based upon his OWN achievements rather than nepotism. This is to his advantage as it gives him a greater understanding of each of the levels in the Assassins' organization as well as what is needed in new recruits. From Pathonia Mathias learned everything there was to know about assassination, thievery, stealth and the PHYSICAL side of his job being constantly tested by her as he grew up on his speed and dexterity. Freemore on the other hand taught him about the inner workings of court politics, reading people and using his MIND to best utilize the resources he had available to him. It was through Freemore that Mathias developed his friendship with Edwin VanCleef while learning about the nobles and wealthier residents of Stormwind. All these factors resulted in his first kill being the very individual who had ended his mother's life proving beyond a doubt his abilities to all.

Pathonia waited until Mathias' 30th birthday then retired, choosing to have a clean transition in leadership from her to Mathias. Freemore agreed to stay on for an additional five years handling the new recruits and smoothing any unforeseen bumps that might come up along the way. Mathias at first attempted to put his own stamp on the organization but after a few months gave it up deciding his Grandmother's vision was just to good to tamper with. His turn however was coming.

Three years after his assumption of control of the Stormwind Assassins King Varian disappeared while on his way to a diplomatic conference in Theramore. After Anduin was crowned king during the ensuing confusion he secretly met with Shaw and requested that he create an organization that would serve not just the human nations but ALL the Alliance by gathering information and preforming covert operations. The first goal of course being to discover what had become of the King of Stormwind but in addition to that to look into corruption within the Stormwind House of Nobles.

Shaw was elated with the commission. Here was a chance for him to take all of his talents and utilize them from the ground up.  Within just months Shaw had a functioning organization called SI:7 which has expended to cover all of the Alliance controlled lands and even reach into some Horde areas as well. Players are even able to participate in SI:7's mission on several occasions through out the game via Shaw as well, both at lower levels (30's) and then again in at the Higher end (60's).

To say that Shaw has a problem with being a workaholic would be an understatement. His life IS his work and he has no time for anything else at this point. You will find him no other place than at SI:7 Headquarters located in Old Town of Stormwind. He never leaves as he might miss some vital piece of information. It will be interesting to see if they have any further plans for him in the coming turmoil that will be the Cataclysm.

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