Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rep: Ashtongue Deathsworn

The story of the Ashtongue is one of grimmest survival. Made up of the largest collection of Broken draenei they are lead by Akama, once the Guardian of the Temple of Karabor, some of his tale is shared in more detail in the short story Unbroken.

To give a quick summery, after the decimation of the Draenei by the Horde many of those exposed to the fel energies and mutated went into hiding. But with the sundering of Draenor they were exposed and were being hunted down by Magtheridon and his minions.  Kael'thas and Lady Vashj come to their aid in hopes of gaining allies for Illidan. Their ploy works. Akama and his followers pledge their loyalty to Illidan but soon discovers that he is little better than the pit lord they have been fighting.

Devastated at his miscalculation on behalf of his people Akama for all appearances remains visibly loyal to Illidan but in secret begins working to to undermine Illidan's connections with his followers. In the Black Temple trailer it is his voice that explains what is going on. At present his job is to guard over Maiev Shadowsong Illidain's one time jailer and he has already assured her that when the time is right he will allow her the revenge she is so desperate to enact. But on HIS time table not her own much to her eternal frustration.

When the Black Temple Raid was first released gaining entry was not a simple process but involved a long and complex attunement quest. That is no longer the case. At that time you first needed to chose either Aldor or Scryer  in Shattrath and do a 4 part chain for either of them in Shadowmoon Valley that would send you to the Warden's Cage and Akama. From then on the chain would be together.  That chain would then send you into the Dungeon of Arcatraz which required a key to enter or at least a rogue to lock pick the door. Then the chain would continue on for a bit and seem to end after giving you some rewards. But it didn't.

It would pick up again INSIDE the Serpentshrine Cavern and this chain would require you to go to The Eye and Hyjal Summit in the Caverns of Time. After you have killed the necessary bosses there you would go to Shattrath City and then finally return to the Black Temple itself.   By the time you completed this chain you would be friendly with the Ashtongue. Once you entered the Temple three more quests would await you resulting in the eventual upgrade in your medallion.

Out side of the attunement chain there is only one other way to gain Asthtongue reputation OUTSIDE of the Black Temple and that is by doing a few quests over on Netherwing Ledge. There you will find a few other Asthongues being used as slaves in the mines as well as Illidan's troops using the Netherdrakes as slaves. As a result you can get to ALMOST friendly just by doing the Netherwing reputation alone.

Once you have exhausted those options that leaves only the Black Temple and like the Violet Eye reputation any and all mobs and bosses in the instance will give you reputation. Full clears grant about 8k reputation and if you are running a party of geared 80's take about an hour.

Happy Grinding!

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