Thursday, December 17, 2009

Know Your Rogue Lore: Ikfirus the Vile

Last week in Know Your Rogue Lore we discussed the Alliance Tier 10 vendor Yili. This week lets take a look at the Horde vendor Ikfirus the Vile.

You will find Ikfirus in the same place that Yili is located, at the end of the line of vendors on the right hand side platform as you enter Ice Crown Citadel. Like Yili he is dressed in Tier 10, however he is sporting a pair of Stygian Bladebreakers.

As with all of the members of the Ashen Verdict Ikfirus earned his spot by success at the trials in the Argent Tournament as well as being a gifted craftsman. For him this fight is more personal as he once suffered under the rule of the Lich King as a member of the Scourge. Now free as a member of the Forsaken he, like many others of his kind, desire vengeance.

As with all the tier pieces, the items he "sells" can be purchased with Emblems of Frost. Once you have gotten the first level of gear you can then "upgrade" it to the next level with a Tier token called the Mark of Sanctification AND the original piece of gear. This is more reminiscent of the "dungeon sets" from the Old World level 60 dungeons in which you needed to collect the pieces and then do quests to upgrade them. Thankfully, unlike then you can upgrade in which ever order you prefer providing you have both the Token and the gear.

Ikfirus is linked to another item of note. A chest piece that players will sometimes locate in the chest in the Gunship Armory called "Ikfirus's Sack of Wonder." With a name like that it is no accident that many players first mistake it for a bag. What makes this piece even MORE interesting is that it is a Bind on EQUIPPED item making it more likely that some lucky rogue or feral druid with cash to burn could pick it up on the auction house. The itemization on it has attracted a great deal of interest since so many of the new tier pieces lack both expertise and hit rating.

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  1. I was expecting to see a new flying mount :)

    Good stuff tho about ikfirus!