Thursday, December 31, 2009

Know Your Rogue Lore: Lana Stouthammer

I debated long and hard as to who I wanted to discuss as our last lore figure of the year. Finally I centered in on Lana Stouthammer. Lana is a confusing individual who came into existence in patch 3.1 because while she is an Alliance NPC her image for the Alliance is VERY different than it is for the Horde. Alliance players might not even be aware that she IS a rogue while Horde players are VERY aware of this. So lets take a look at her dual personality.
For Alliance players this was the Lana Stouthammer we were first introduced to as a Valiant quest giver for Ironforge. You will notice she is sporting Pally Tier 6. She is also a red head with a pony tail. This was later changed when the Argent Tournament Coliseum itself was opened with patch 3.2. (Though I think few people noticed as many of us had already gotten beyond the point of doing her quests.)
This is the Lana Stouthammer Alliance players will encounter today. Note she is NOW a double braided brunette sporting the rogue set of the Furious Gladiator Leather Armor from Arena Season 6 with two Aledar's Battlestar's and the all important Eye patch. (This is a different one than the classic Eye of Rend model and I haven't had any luck finding an exact match. Be sure once I do I will up date this as it looks sweet and I would love to get my hands on one.)

Again for Alliance Players Lana is the Champion for Ironforge and gives out Six Valiant quests for them.

On a side note if you haven't managed to get to exalted reputation with Ironforge before this time it is always a good idea to just continue to do these quests until you almost reach it before you complete The Valiant's Challenge because once you become a Champion with Ironforge the other quests disappears as do their large reputation gaining benefits.

For Horde Players Lana is a frustrating joke, since as ALL players KNOW there ARE no Female Dwarf Rogues. So when they first encounter her in the Trial of the Champion they often mistake her for a hunter.
Lana will randomly appear as one of the three Alliance Champions during the Horde version of the Trial of the Champion five man dungeon. In this encounter she has several different abilities. The first phase is the joust phase in which she is mounted on her trusty Ram and can do charge, shield breaker and if a player is dis mounted, trample, stunning the player and causing them additional damage. It is the second phase for which she is most hated.

In phase two Lana shows two common rogue abilities plus an additional one that many rogues wish they had access to. The first is the classic Eviserate but unlike the rest of us she has no need to build up combo points. The second is Fan of Knives which she uses liberally. The final is a move called Poison Bottle which is an instant and has a 30 yard radius. It is this final move more than any others that has her so hated. She will fling this about and if you fail to move out of it the results can be disastrous especially for clothies.

Well that wraps us up for this year. I hope you all have enjoy this as much as I have researching and writing them. Again if any of you have specific rogues you would like me to cover please feel free to let me know!

Have a great and blessed New Year everyone!

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