Sunday, December 27, 2009

World of Warcraft Mag

If SOMEHOW you missed hearing about this Blizzard is having Future PLC produce a quarterly "magazine" for them. I have to admit when I first heard of this idea I was rather intrigued. That quickly turned to confusion as I learned more about the format. I would use the term "Magazine" loosely when dealing with this proposed project but that is what they are calling it. These things are about 150 pages in length EACH. An added plus, NO ADDS to distract you as you enjoy the content. (Sounds more like a quarterly series soft cover book to me but...yeah)

They recently released a 40 page "preview" to help renew interest as many had been concerned the whole IDEA was going to go belly up with the loss of its Editor and Chief just about a month ago.Since it was slated to be released before Christmas it is easy to understand people's panic.

As can be expected the art work is stunning. They have both professional AND fan art displayed through out. Many of the pieces in the preview are ones that have seen promotion before. That is what struck me the most about this preview, especially as it came to the content of the articles. They already seemed....dated? Like they would be "old news" before the magazine itself even hits our coffee tables.

Now it could just be that for their "preview" that is all they are going to show us. Information that WOULDN'T be ground breaking...but I guess it all depends on what types of customers you are planning to attract. After reading the entire 40 page preview I only saw 1 piece of information that really struck me as NEW, and even THAT was rather week in it's "spoiler strength". It was more along the lines of: "Yeah, the stuff you saw in the trailer? Expect to see more of that."

They do hint that there will be SOME discussion of dungeon and raid design. Even so far as to go into specific encounters. This would certainly be a nice feature. But the opening page is more than clear that STRATEGIES are NOT what one should expect to find within.

What we CAN expect is a great deal of Lore and history of the game itself. Even going so far as to look at the time line of the game's development. Major content patches that changed HOW we play the game and the reactions people had to them at the time seem a good portion of the first Magazine. Lots of interviews with players who PERSONALLY effect the way we play the game as well as quotes and responses from more "average" players.

So am I PERSONALLY going to invest in this? At this point I just don't know...The plate wearer in the family has expressed an interest in it so he may pick it up for himself then I can just mooch off of him. Since I am home and will always get a hold of it first sounds like a Win/Win situation to me.

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