Thursday, December 17, 2009

What a long, strange trip it's been

Since this was requested:

I finally got this done. I was 4 horde shy for With a Little Help from My Friends last year. (Trying to pvp and handle all the Holiday stuff just didn't work well for me and I kept forgetting I needed to sit back and get kills not KILL.) So I finally got it finished in Wintergrasp. Have to say that is the BEST place EVER to work on this achievement. Reason being is rather than just sitting on your duff milking Honor kills (something I just can't STAND) you can man a gun and pew pew to your hearts content as a melee. I am even considering doing this achievement on my Priest and Hunter who I NEVER pvp with.

As the comments stated in Guild chat now I can match our Holiday Tabard with its purple background and green Christmas tree. *shutters*

Just need a few more and I will have my Hundred mounts. All without breaking down and buying any of the really expensive ones....though...yeah I may get myself a chopper as a Christmas present.


  1. That is one nice mount...and hey I love the new Tabard! :)

  2. You and the pallys....what can I say, the Plate wearer designed it to match his gear...and it clashes with mine :p (Never thought I would be saying such a "girly" statement but yeah....)

    It would be different if it were RED. (Sorry Schaikera but you can call it "Crimson" all you want in an attempt to make me feel better but the current color is PURPLE!)