Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rep: Valiance Expedition

Last week we discussed how when you first enter Northrend you are introduced to two coalitions. Today we are going to look at what some may argue is the most IMPORTANT branch of the Alliance coalition. The Valiance Expedition. With its main base of operations being located at Valiance Keep in the Borean Tundra and others scattered though out Northern it the largest of the Alliance Vanguard's four factions.

Representing the main body of the Alliance's forces they are currently engaged in a two front war against both the Scourge AND the Horde. This was not always the case nor its original intention.

When the Alliance reunified with the return of King Varian Wrynn it again had a single military leader. Before it was no more than a committee continuously disrupted by the manoeuvrings of Lady Prestor aka Lady Onyxia of the Black Dragon Flight. With her out of the way the Alliance now how has a central focusing leader, though not without his scars as the result of his resent experiences.

When players first arrive in Northrend and encounter the Expedition they will notice that their focus is all about the Scourge. The major quest hubs for this faction in Borean Tundra and even Howling Fjord deal primarily with this or the basic exploration and securing resources in the region. Players will see this focus shift in Dragonblight as the result of a quest chain from the Quest hub Wintergarde Keep, culminating in its dramatic conclusion at Fordragon Hold.

From that moment on the Valiance Expedition's directive is divided. As players progress through Grizzly Hills and beyond the tensions between the Horde and Alliance factions continue to escalate to the point of open warfare in Icecrown. This conflict was further emphasized when the Valiance Expedition was made into the Command Force for the Alliance in the PvP Battle Ground Strand of the Ancients in patch 3.0.

Gathering reputation for this faction was simple even BEFORE patch 3.3. There are 259 quests that give reputation for this faction. Of those nine are daily quests. In addition to this any time you run a dungeon and do not wear a faction representing tabard you get this reputation for all mobs and bosses killed.

Happy Grinding!

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