Friday, December 11, 2009

Hunger for Blood Nerfed

Well we all said it wouldn't last and sure enough...HOT FIX NERF.
After evaluating damage dealt in instances and PvP over the last two days, we are going to deploy three changes. There could always be more along the way. These hotfixes should hit sometime today (Dec 10).

Hunger for Blood now increases damage by 10% instead of 15%. We wanted to increase Assassination rogue damage, and we were succesful, but we overshot the mark. We buffed Hunger for Blood back when Assassination needed a damage boost, so we're more than happy that this talent won't account for such a huge dps increase. Because of the nature of hotfixes, it is unlikely the tooltip will change to 10% right away.
He then goes on to talk about Scourge Strike and Rolling Corruptions but we don't really care about THEM here.  What I DID find interesting is how he ends his post
Ideally, we'd rather make changes while we're still in PTR before a patch goes live, but in the end we'd rather make changes than allow something imbalanced to continue just because we didn't change it pre-patch. To the community's credit, some players predicted these issues might become a problem. We appreciate the feedback as always, even if we don't always immediately make changes suggested by the community.
Lead Systems Designer
Now I didn't of course quote ALL that he said you can see it all here if you really wish. Personally I don't know how I want to handle it. I just made all the changes to Mute, reset my UI etc. thinking this would last a LITTLE bit longer. But I think I may just pick up Combat Hack and Slash as my off spec and run with it, then do a comparison of the two sets of numbers.

While I know some people REALLY like Mute, and yeah the numbers you can get in raids ARE pretty amazing I just don't care for the lack of mobility with it. Especially when running 5 man heroics like I have been trying to do with the New LFG system. The majority of us are SO over geared for the instances that you never have enough time to get energy regen before the mobs are down making it MUCH more difficult to keep HfB up and since I keep ending up needing to keep my OWN bleed effects on things that just adds to the hassle.

All that said, after putting this much effort into it I am not quite ready to just "throw in the towel" on it yet. I'm just going to have to break down and give up my Pvp spec for a bit while I see how these two play out.


  1. I've got a question for you, since you seem to be the only knowledgeable rogue that I know. I am working on a rogue at this point (currently only lvl 28) and would like to know which spec you'd recommend for PvE rogues at this point. Is combat still the best way to go for instancing, etc, or is Assassination looking more appealng.

  2. I'm not really the best for telling someone how to spec for leveling as I leveled so long ago on my own Rogue.

    From what I understand most still prefer to put their talents in the combat tree while leveling but I have seen people level using both Assassination and Subtlety with no difficulty.

    My personal response is: Go with what you MOST enjoy. While leveling it really doesn't matter as much. Many are sporting the new heirloom gear or at the very least with all the changes made can easily out level an old world zone just by using rested XP so it isn't like it takes a LONG time to hit level Cap anymore. It is all more dependent on how much time you have to spend dedicated to it and how many side trips you chose to take working on something else (pvp, pet farming, etc.)

    Start looking at specs like Assassination over Combat once you hit Level Cap and can start getting your hands on higher level gear.

    But again, this is just my opinion others may feel differently. Sites like have great guides to help as well.

  3. he's getting up there in level. got from level 20-30 in 2 days just using LFG. of course, I've been neglecting quests, so should probably take a break from the LFG for a bit just to catch up on those. side note: it's nice being at the top of the damage meters for a change. :D