Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rep: The Tranquillien

Well we are almost done with all of the factions from the Burning Crusade expansion. There is just one more left and I am covering them last because I was just not sure where else to fit them in. The Tranquillien is a Horde only faction made up of  both Blood Elves and Forsaken located in the small town of Tranquillien in the Ghostlands. No other starting zone has a faction like this and how you gain reputation with them is also slightly different.

Overlooking the Dread Scar on the western slope of Sungraze Peak, the story of Tranquillien is fairly straight forward from a lore perspective. During the 3rd War the town was abandoned in the face of the advancing Scourge, its residents fleeing to Silvermoon City for refuge. Now it has been reclaimed by a joint group of Forsaken and Blood Elves in the desperate attempt to retake the Ghostlands. It is really nothing more than an isolated outpost surrounded by hostiles but easy to located as it is split in two by the main road.

As a result of its isolating environment supplies are constantly in short supply. This is reflected in the fact that there is only one place to repair, with the Blacksmith Frances. The only other type of training offered in this town is by the Master Chef Mouldier. However it does have a faction quartermaster Provisioner Vredigar who (if you have the proper reputation) can be convinced to part with some of his goods for the right price.

In total this faction offers 46 quests that give reputation. Each of these quests will grant you around 1000 rep EACH making it one of the quickest to grind up with the largest pay out. While the majority of these quests are either grinding or fetch and deliver there are two repeatable ones as well, More Rotting Hearts and More Spinal Dust.

One quest is considered an almost MUST DO as it will get you to exalted no matter where you are on the faction reputation grind. The Traitor's Destruction.While this is a group quest the average level 20 CAN solo him if they are smart about how they pull and clear the area around him FIRST. The reward for this quest makes it quite worth the effort to someone leveling.

All in all the vast majority of players can easily hit exalted with this faction by level 20.
Happy Questing!


  1. Tranquillien, IMHO, is a fun rep to grind. However, my main beef is that while you are gaining rep with them, they should award some degree of reputation for Silvermoon as well, since there isn't much in the way of Silvermoon rep gains outside of the starting zones.
    The Traitor's Destruction is easily soloable by some classes. I soloed it on my Paladin, my rogue, and my hunter, but had a bit of difficulty on my "squishies" like my mage, lock, and priest.

  2. The Who? Where do you find these?!? You have come up with some recently that I have never heard of...keep up the good work!

  3. Read it roger... Horde rep. little area outside of the blood elf starting zone, so unless you're horde, no reppies for joo... :-p

  4. Hey I understand the confusion. When people play just ONE faction it will throw them off to see the OPPOSING factions reps.

    And this one is especially confusing as it is SO isolated. Unless you go to the Blood Elf starting zone you would NEVER encounter it.

  5. unless it is to kill everything in sight, but that would be negative rep.