Wednesday, December 2, 2009

World of WarCraft: Death Knight

Today it arrived and I quickly snatched it up from the delivery box and sat down to read. The newest World of WarCraft manga World of WarCraft: Death Knight. The story is by Dan Jolley with artwork provided by Rocio Zucchi. This book was suppose to deal with the story of Thassarian and provide the details of his former life. In addition to this it is suppose to "reveal the origins, motivations, and darkest secrets of Warcraft's newest incarnation of death knights."

So what did I think of it?

The book spans from when Thassarian was already a young man (minus a few flashbacks of childhood encounters with his father) preparing to leave for Northrend to present day. So lore wise it really does not give to much new information. However what new information it does provide IS interesting. While it tells you how and where Thassarian originally died it does NOT explain how he came to be a Death Knight. It DOES explain the bond between Thassarian and Koltira, even later going into detail about what happened to Koltira when HE went to Northrend. It also gives greater insight into what occurred to some of the OTHER Death Knights during the Battle at Light's Hope Chapel not just Mograine.

I don't want to go into details as it may spoil it for those who wish to read the book but in a nut shell the focus is more on Thassarian's transformation from follower to leader. From being an individual who simply did as he was instructed to one who is able to question the orders given him and make independent decisions. I am really not sure what this has to do with "the darkest secrets of the newest incarnation of death knights."

As for the artwork of the book, it lacks consistency. The human characters are so thin, pointed and cartoony that it is difficult at first to determine which are Human and which are Elves until you go searching for the ears. Frames meant to convey great emotion completely miss the mark as a result. This is interesting as once the change is made to scourge the artwork certainly seems more effective.

Over all while there were certain parts of the book I enjoyed taken as a whole I was a little disappointed.

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