Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I did for Christmas

So yesterday was Christmas and from a WoW stand point you really can't do much because you SHOULD be focusing on your family. With four children that is most certainly the case so the majority of the day was spent with them running around seeing relatives, opening gifts and over all just getting stressed out.

Coming home with a mountain of new distractions for them was a WONDERFUL thing. (Legos and Matchbox are God's gift to parents if you didn't know better, providing you don't get anything TO huge and complicated.) By 6:30 two of them were so worn out they put THEMSELVES to bed and the other two popped in one of the new movies they had gotten to watch while they had a lego war in the Rec. Room.

This left the Hubby and I the WHOLE EVENING to just play. Now my Christmas gift from my hubby this year was a new Keyboard. Finally something more advanced than my usual $10 logitic that does the job but has to be replaced every year. I got a Merc and I LOVE IT!!

 Yeah, it isn't the latest and greatest as it was first introduced three years ago. Sure it isn't illuminated like it's upgraded stealth version. But it is the first actually GAMING keyboard I have ever owned and I am amazed at how quickly I have adapted to it. Now I should clarify that a bit. I have adapted on Daraia. With her this keyboard just SINGS. My fingers can reach each of the key bindings easily with few miss strokes even from the beginning. My priest and hunter on the other hand...yeah not so much but I know it will come with time and practice.

 So we popped on line and picked up our Winter Veil Gifts from under the Christmas Tree. The long awaited Red Rider Air Riffle had arrived and now we could all do the long anticipated achievement BBKing. For Rogues this achievement is pretty easy. Stealth in, take your shot, sprint and vanish but for the vast majority not so much. Thus began my frustration. I got my first two off with out a hitch but I figured I would save Orgimmar for last as I knew that would be the most difficult.

The problem is that large groups of people had decided if you all just group up into a raid and GO to the city you should be able to do BOTH the BB King achievement AND the For the Alliance one. The result? A free for all BRAWL at Thunder Bluff. Now I don't know how long of a respawn timer they have on the faction leaders but after 45 minutes of waiting for Cairne to respawn I gave up in frustration for the night.

Since I hadn't done my daily Heroic yet I checked within guild to see if there was any interest and proceeded to get those out of the way for both Daraia and my Hunter. It was only 8, a whole night ahead of us. Our tank Enok had to call it to go do more family things so I pleaded with the plate wearer of the family to come tank for us. Reason being I had noticed the quality of pug tanks had drastically reduced over the holidays and since I was now running on my PRIEST I really would prefer a more relaxed run.

He agreed to ONE run with myself and two other guild mates but then he was DONE he said. Well we qued in and picked up Whiskerfree from Nathrezim. One quick Heroic Halls of Lightning later Whisker asked if we were going to be doing anymore and would mind if he tagged along. He had no IDEA what he would set in motion.

One of the reasons my hubby hates to run heroics is that he is ALWAYS OOM due to being so over geared. Well He agreed to do another but THIS time he wanted to try to do it wearing his Santa hat and suit. Since he was STILL over defense cap and almost 40k health even in THIS get up we all agreed. We popped back into the que and headed into Heroic Utgarde Keep. Again a nice smooth run, but by this time Hubby was in the mood. He asked for a quick break before we headed back in and when we next qued up and headed into Heroic Old Kingdom we were greeted with such pulling macros as:

"Santa knows that you've been naughty"

"Here is some coal in your stocking"

"What?!? No Milk and Cookies?"

"Santa is coming to YOUR town"

Since Old Kingdom has one of the Winter Hat drops the mage in the group Kena got into the act as well. Soon we were seeing "Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow" whenever she cast blizzard.

Therigwin decided that the Santa suit wasn't offering enough of a challenge. So his NEXT idea was to do the run COMPLETELY SMASHED. Off we went and thankfully ended up in Heroic Violet Hold as we had to direct him with "Center Top" or "Bottom Left" so he knew where the portals spawned as he could see absolutely NOTHING on his screen but blur.

Needless to say it was one of the most enjoyable chain heroic runs I have participated in for a VERY long time. Wither we will make it a holiday tradition or not we will have to see. I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas!


  1. Nice keyboard. Do they sell the mens version as well?

    Ho ho ho - Merry Christmas.

  2. Go for the Merc Stealth. Though some may think that the more feminine of the two since it will change colors as the mood strikes you with its added feature of illumination.

    I think they may have neutered it before shipping so you don't end up with any little keyboards running around though.

  3. Well played, maam.