Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WoW's Community

These past few days have been interesting ones to say the least on Wow when it comes to player interactions.

I was in Storm Peaks working on good ole Son's of Hodir daily quests when someone asked in general how to start their chain. After the usual smart remarks at his expense that are the norm on our server had made the rounds and I saw no one was going to help him. I whispered him and gave him the name of the starting quest. He replied that he had done those and was somewhere mid chain but did not know WHERE.

It took us about five minutes but eventually we were able to figure out that he had to go find the eggs and help Thorim recapture his protodrake. It wasn't much, just a little bit of time and I made a new friend. All because I was willing to take the time to talk him through a quest chain I was familiar with since I had recently completed it. I didn't even have to stop what I was doing.

Another friend of mine and fellow guild member had an experience on his hunter in which he was in the process of taming Loque'nahak only to have another alliance player show up, inturpt his taming, and kill the rare Spirit Beast. Poetically the very next day that same friend had ANOTHER person see Loque'nahak, and hold him until he got there so that he could tame him.

Just today I was part of a 25 man VoA group only to have the raid leader (another rogue) kick me and all the other rogues in the raid because he didn't want to compete with us for loot. Sadly this is not the first time this has happened nor I am sure will it be the last. (In fact it happened just last week.) If they had bothered to ask I would have told them all I was after was the badges since I already HAVE all my Hateful Gladiator and Valorous Bonescythe pieces.

The PTR forums (as usual) are full of individuals who spend the majority of time complaining about any and all changes being made to their class, profession or the game rather than really TESTING and giving true feed back on how the game is really working or not working. I find it fascinating how people seem to think that everything needs to revolve around them and their wants. Add a little bit of a challenge and it is TO HARD you need to nerf it. Balance something out for some reason and it is "TO EASY" they dumbed it down.

Over all I have to say that Blizzard has done an excellent job with this game. They can't make EVERYONE happy and they know it. But they try to do what they can to keep as many people involved and engaged on as many lvls as they can. From the Heavy hard core raiders that make up just a small part of the Wow community to the casual player that logs on just a few hours a week that are the Biggest part of their consumer base.

That isn't to say I haven't had my moments of railing as well. Hey, I play a rogue....I wailed with the best of them about the vanish bug only to finally hear Vaneras of Blizz say:
"In regards to Vanish, we do believe that there may still be some bugs with it, but we are having trouble replicating those bugs in in order to get to the core of the issue. Whenever we try, Vanish simply works perfectly. "

Some times you just have to enjoy the game enough deal with it and the other people who play it or walk away. For now I am here to say, Stupid people and all. Over all I have ment more good people playing this game that they counter all the bad ones. Turn the music up high enough and it will drowned out all the whining.

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  1. Wow sorry bout that VOA run, I saw the same thing happen a couple weeks ago, rogues were kicked.

    but you are right more good people than nasty. :)