Monday, March 23, 2009

Preparing for Ulduar

There are several things the average player should know going in that they can do to prepare for Ulduar.

First, get the Epic Achievement. We know that the vehicles in the The Siege of Ulduar portion of Ulduar look at your item lvl so having gear that is all item lvl 213 as you head in is a good place to start. Even better if that gear is all helpful and not just place holder.

Second, know that Ulduar is NOT going to be like Nax. Those who feel they will be able to able to walk into Ulduar like they did Nax and easily handle it will be in for a rude awakening. There is a reason that Nax is called the "Kara of LK". It is an entry lvl raid. Even on 25. Ulduar is going to be like NOTHING we have done before and it will NOT be for the casual gamer to just "pug" in their blues.

Third, be aware that all the information that you are reading on the boss fights from the PTR is STILL preliminary. While it is good to see what direction Blizz is thinking, until it is released they are STILL tweaking and taking feedback so things WILL change. You can watch the videos and the live feeds to get a heads up. But Blizz often Nerfs OR Buffs many times over depending on what they see happening in the game play.

Fourth, be flexible. Know that change is coming and while you are attempting to prepare until the patch actually hits you don't know how it will effect you. If you are thinking of getting a duel spec for example, start gathering the gear and the cash to pay for it. But you may want to hold off on buying any new glyphs until you get a chance to see the new ones that are coming.

Over all we have a lot of new information to discover. Some people embrace change others bemoan it. It is up to the individual player to decide which side they are going to be on and go from there. How you are going to prepare will say a lot about the type of player you are.

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