Saturday, March 21, 2009

Noob move of the day

Going raiding when you are exhausted and ill is never a good idea. But when you are a raid leader and the Guild Leader, there are just some things you have to do. However it does lead to some funny mistakes and some great noob moves.

Last night we headed back onto Nax. Blizz has been doing SOMETHING with their in game calendar system so it was wonky, everyone was a paladin, a shammy, a Death knight depending on the time you opened it up. (IF you could GET it to open.) People were not getting invites at ALL. It was marking people as accepted who had declined or declined who had accepted. So we basically had no idea what our group make up was going to be before hand. This set us back from the get go and made planning for the evening a nightmare.

Finally about thirty minutes AFTER our regularly scheduled start time we got things organized and were able to get going. Our usual main tank and raid leader is ALSO ill and recovering from Pneumonia so decided to go Ret for the night and have three of his co-tanks run the show. This further threw things off as people were use to the flow and pace of his tanking style.

Over all we managed to get it done. Two wings, Military and Bugs, minimal wipes. (Most due to just silly errors brought on by a lot of the factors already mentioned. But I haven't mentioned MY great "Noob move" of the evening yet.

You see before running into Nax I decide to do a little Wintergrasp. So I had gotten all "PVP" and played with the Cannons and blown up some Horde. (I have to say I REALLY like that zone...A LOT.) Well if you haven't guess it already...I forgot to change. So several bosses later another one of the Rogues asked me about it. Just wondering if there was a REASON I was in PVP gear for Gothik...some Rogue strat secret I had neglected to share with him...Red faced and sputtering I went looking for a Boomkin to change in. (Thank goodness for Vanish.)

So we weren't able to get as far as we would have liked, but over all we managed to over come all the illnesses, poor decisions, to many chiefs, cranky attitudes, and STILL get some people some nice upgrades. Dar FINALLY got to see and even walk out with her Best in Slot bracers the Sinner's Bindings from Maexxna. I had begun to give up hope of EVER seeing them. So just a few more pieces to go and she will be looking pretty good for Ulduar.

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