Thursday, March 5, 2009

Introduction to Argent Tournament Grounds

The plan was simple. Get on PTR. Complete the last few daily quests and get on to the next stage of the new quest Hub. However, plans seldom last past the first engagement as they say.

First it was Thursday. For those of you not familiar with PTR Thursdays are "maintenance day" so "world server is down" is the norm. Second, it seemed I was to have a house full of sick children today so play time was out of the question.

So instead, once again, we will focus on something else. Let me begin by describing the new quest hub.

The Argent Tournament Grounds as I have mentioned before is located just north of Sindragoa's Fall. It is dominated by a large Construction site, the to be completed at a later date Coliseum. Flanked by three large tents, numerous fighting arenas, stables, booths, out houses, wagons and other paraphernalia it is a thriving hub of activity.

The Largest tent is of course the Argent Crusades' located on the west side of the Tournament Grounds and it is to this tent you will first wish to head when you come to this area. Here you will pick up a quest which sends you the your respective faction tents located on the East side of the Tournament Grounds.

Once there you are introduced to your new role as a Aspirant. You will now learn how to use all the new toys Blizz has given us and travel from Ice Crown, Crystal Song Forest, Dragonblight, Howling Fjord and Grizzly Hills attempting to complete the new daily quests. Some of these quest are actually kind of funny (they seem to have a thing for the "Maiden in the lake") but annoyingly time consuming.

It will take you 3 days of doing these quests before you will be able to do the next level of quests (many of which are the exact same quests just with different rewards) called Valiant. Again it will take a week (7 days) of doing THESE quests before you will FINALLY be able to get to the Title that REALLY matters and get you the rewards you want. The CHAMPION tokens.

You will notice from the screen shots that the mounts and and flags change based upon your faction and your rank. The higher your rank the more "flags" you have. Aspirants have 1 flag, where Champions have 3. Also, once you go beyond Aspirant your mount is based on your faction. I am a human so I ride a horse. The Champion Gnome I am sitting next to is on a Mechanostrider.

Over all these quest levels go quickly and if you are the type of person who has other reps you are grinding you can easily fit them into your daily rotation. The question will more importantly be, will you WANT to? Other than the non combat pets and mounts what other things do these guys have to offer? That will be a discussion for another day.

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