Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Fishing Dailys

Strap on your fishing poles friends it is going to be a bumpy ride....

There are 5 new fishing daily quests that will be introduced in this up coming patch. You will be able to obtain them from the Grand Master fishing trainer Marcia Chase in Dalaran (the lady next to the fish fountain). While you will get goodies bag as a reward, unlike the daily fishing quests from Old Man Barlo in Outland these quests require more than just sticking your pole in the water in the right place and bringing the fish back.

The Ghostfish-

"Any Northrend angler worth there salt knows about the pygmy suckerfish There is, however, a stealthy fish that hides among the sucker fish in the Rivers Heart of Sholazar Basin. The phantom ghostfish. They become increasingly translucent until they fade away completely. Some hypothesis they return to Sholazar while others are more...Superstitious. Catch this fish and discover its secret by any means!"

Quest objective - Discover the secret of the Ghostfish and report to Marcia Chase in Dalaran. (You do this by eating the fish after you catch it you only have about a minute before it will disappear.)

Jewel of the Sewers -

"Hard to believe most people fish in the sewers for giant rats and mutilated fish. Especially when those waters are filled with priceless jewelry discarded by broken hearted fools, thieves and careless drunks. The trick is to drag your hook along the bottom and don't pull up to hard when you get something. Try it out, (name). I'd be willing to trade whatever you find for a few trinkets of my own."

Quest objective - Bring Marcia Case a piece of Corroded Jewlrey. (Must be in the Underbelly of Dalaran to do this one.)

Dangerously Delicious -

"The fishing is often the most dangerous. Wintergrasp boasts a bountiful catch for the brazen. In fact it is the only place to catch the fabled Terrorfish - a fish both lethal and delicious. Bring me some and we will have something to discuss."

Quests objective - Bring Marcia Case 10 Terrorfish. (You don't have to be in control of Wintergrasp to complete this quest, but I wouldn't suggest doing near or during times of contention.)

Monsterbelly Appetite -

"It seems a recent deep sea fishing trip went very wrong. The boat capsized and one of the fisherman lost an arm to a huge Monsterbelly. Our First Aid Clinic promises they can reattach the arm if we can bring it back. You've fished long enough to know where monsterbellys are found, and I'd bet my favorite fishing pole our little monster belly will show his ugly face. Find that arm and bring it to Olisarra the Kind in Dalaran. She will know what to do.'

Quest objective - Return the severed arm to Olisarra the Kind in Dalaran.

Blood is Thicker -

"The Bloodtooth is a feisty little fish used in a recipe to cure infected wounds. We could use some if you are up to it. As the name suggests, they've a hunger for blood. The only way I know of to catch the little devils is by creating a pool of blood and fishing in it. Just get your self covered in blood - slaughter a beast in the Borean Tundra and jump in the water. It will create the perfect fishing spot."

Quest objective - Bring Marcia Case 5 Bloodtooth Frenzies (after you kill a beast in the Tundra you have the 3 min "Animal Blood" debuff. Run to open water and make sure you get in where it is deep enough for you to fish. You will now have a pool like you would any other fishing pool to fish. The pool should last long enough for you to get your fish.)

So what all will you be finding in that Bag of Fishing Treasures? (Many thanks to El's Extream Anglin for a lot of the following information, wish I had found this site earlier as it would have saved me a lot of leg work.)

Common Items -
Deviant Fish
Elixir of Water Walking
Runic Mana Potion
Runic Healing Potion
Glow Worm (+100 to fishing?)
North Sea Pearl
Pygmy Oil
Siren's Tear

Novelty Items/Vendor Trash
Battered Jungle Hat
Diamond-tipped Cane
Soild Gold Coin
Whale Statue
Tower Key
New Age Painting
Porcelain Bell

Rare Items
Unusal Compass
Sealed Vial of Poison (Actually sends you on a quest)
Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat (same one as from Outland)
Strand Crawler (Non Combat Pet)
Tiny Titanium Lockbox
Rigid Stormjewel
Soild Stormjewel
Bone Fishing Pole
Jeweled Fishing Pole

So if you haven't gotten that fishing to max yet, now is the time to get working on it.

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