Thursday, March 19, 2009

Offical T8 Rogue Gear Released

MMO Champion has done it again and complied the complete collection of both the Ten and Twenty-Five man versions of the rogue sets... no they don't get any prettier. (Sorry I know some of the guys out there disagree with me but dead babies on my head just do not appeal to me in any way shape or form.)

But if you lose the helms and focus on the set bonuses these new sets are nice to say the least.

Of the two I do prefer the look of the Ten Man version but oh well. The Shoulders have that same strange "spider whip" from the old BC Brutal Gladiator shoulders which I never cared for either. While I would always prefer to be in black at least the sets themselves have a GREAT name "Terrorblade" and the stats and set bonuses are not shabby at all.

Lets look at each piece starting from the Top down

10 Man - 475 Armor, 100 Ag, 62 Stam, 1 Meta, 1 Red, (socket bonus +16 AP), +Crit 71, +haste 53, +AP 120.

25 Man - 480 Armor, 107 Ag, 75 Stam, 1 Meta, 1 Red, (Socket bonus +16AP), +Crit 77, +haste 59, +Ap 130.

10 Man - 438 Armor, 79 Agil, 69 Stam, Red Socket, (Socket Bonus +8 AP), +Crit 36, + 52 HR, +114 AP.

25 Man - 443 Armor, 85 Agil, 74 Stam, Red Socket, (Socket Bonus +8 AP), +Crit 40, +56 HR, +224 AP.

10 Man - 585 Armor, 90 Agil, 81 Stam, Red Socket, Yellow Socket, (Socket Bonus +6 HR) , +62 Crit, +71 Expertise, +152 AP.

25 Man - 591 Armor, 97 Agil, 90 Stam, Red Socket, Yellow Socket, (Socket Bonus +6 HR), +66 Crit, +76 Expertise, +162 AP.

10 Man - 511 Armor, 94 Agil, 83 Stam, Red Socket, Yellow Socket, (Socket Bonus + 6 Agil), + 66 Haste, + 62 Crit, +152 AP.

25 Man - 517 Armor, 101 Agil, 90 Stam, Red Socket, Yellow Socket, (Socket Bonus + 6 Agil), + 72 Haste, +66 Crit, +162 AP.

Set Bonus:
(2) Your Deadly Poison causes you to gain 1 energy each time it deals damage.
(4) The damage dealt by your Rupture can now be critical strikes.

Ok, these are HUGE and should have a massive impact on how rogues are using their poisons and finishers. At the moment the poisons of choice are Instant and Wound (depending on the spec you are sporting) with THIS set bonus we are looking at an increase in Energy regen which means an increase in our ability to do special attacks, JUST from changing out our poisons. Now put into the mix CRITS ON RUPTURE!?!

I will be honest here I do know a lot of Rogues that STILL don't use this move and it always floors me. Rupture is a NICE damage move. It is a steady part of my rotation on ANY boss fight, trash no, but boss fights? Yeah. To get CRITS on it like any other finisher makes me want to dance in my chair. Any time I get a rogue who isn't using it I challenge them to add it to their rotation and see what it does to their over all damage I will BET them it usually increases their over all damage output by a good 7-8%. There is a reason Blizz has Rupture as a set bonus on so much stuff. USE IT.

So this is how stuff is looking PTR as of right now. IF it goes live as is (one can always hope) it SURE looks tasty.

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