Friday, March 13, 2009

New Rogue Loot

So we now have some confirmation on the new loot we will be seeing in Patch 3.1 (Many thanks to Boubouille at MMO Champion for gathering up all this information. For a complete look check out his post here.) Remember this is not a FULL loot list just what has been discovered so far and be sure that some of these stats may change before it goes live.

You may have noticed that I have included Item numbers, Items with 213 will most likely come from 10 man Ulduar, 226, 25 man and/or the new Emblem of Conquest tokens from there. Items lvl 232 are believed to come from the bosses in 25 man Ulduar on "hard mode".

I am just going to concentrate on the items which are of interest to us as Rogues.

For Pvp the new gear we will be seeing basically standard upgrades of what we have now.

(213) Titan-forged Leather Tunic of Triumph
(213) Titan-forged Belt of Triumph
(213) Platnum Disks of Battle
(213) Titan-forged Rune of Cruelty
(213) Titan-forged Rune of Determination

Ulduar and Emblem Loot appear to include the following items:


(232) Saranite Shiv
(226) The Masticator
(219) Kinetic Ripper
(232) Giant's Bane
(232) Remorse
(232) Malice
(232) Rising Sun


(226) Winter's Icy Embrace
(226) Runed Ironhide Boots
(226) Flamestalker Boots
(226) Footpads of Silence
(226) Gloves of the Blind Stalker
(226) Proto-hide Leggings
(226) Shoulderpads of the Monolith
(226) Belt of the Twilight Assassin
(226) Death-warmed Belt
(226) Mechanist's Bindings


(226) Drape of the Lithe
(239) Drape of Icy Intent
(226) Metallic Loop of the Sufferer
(226) Broach of the Wailing Night
(226) Nymph Heart Charm
(226) Wrathstone

Over all I am rather pleased with what I am seeing so far. Lots of sockets for personalizing gear to better fit the needs of the specific player. Weapons seem to cover the bases at least, some even have sockets. Would like to see more variety in the Rings and Trinkets as for now those offerings are very limited. Hoping more will be discovered soon.

On a personal note I replaced my last blue last night (a ring) so Dar if FINALLY in all epics. Moving on to my next goal which is to get her into all her "best in Slot" gear (which with the exception of one trinket is all item 213 gear.) We will see how far I can get before patch 3.1 hits.

Still debating on how to spend some of my Valor tokens as I am looking at replacing some gear I have been wearing since shortly after hitting lvl 80. Part of me is just willing to sit on them and wait to see what I might be able to get with the patch and/or see drop rather than spend them now...the other part of me is just indecisive and can't prioritize items that are so far below my "best in slot" items. It is times like this I REALLY wish I could have Excel and the spread sheets rather than just my Napkin math....but can't convince the Plate wearer in the family that spending $200 to up my Dps is worth it. Now if it was for his PALLY.....

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  1. my suggestion? Sap the plate wearer, and buy the gear while he's incapacitated :D