Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Facing the Fury have mentioned before that I am a planner. I have a list of gear, what I call my "best in slot". These are the pieces that I want to get my hands on. When they drop I will usually roll for them. I have been very fortunate in some aspects. I have managed to collect four of my five Valorous Bonescythe pieces (just missing the helm). All but one (my pants) were kind enough to drop for me off of bosses. Considering who I share tier tokens with (Deathknights, Mages and Druids) I can only count my self blessed to have managed this feat.

There was one area I was rather concerned about though as I worked on my little list planning to prepare for Ulduar. My Trinkets. DPS trinkets are in rather short supply, or at lest the ones that I am after. For my best in slot I had selected two. The Darkmoon Card: greatness and the Fury of the Five Flights.

I had an advantage on the Greatness card as an Inscriptionist I could MAKE my Nobels deck rather than fork out 10k gold to buy one. It only took me a week of flying in circles around Sholazar Basin picking herbs until I was literally dizzy. But I got it, and I REALLY like it. The proc rate on it is nice, 35% so I frequently have the buff.

Fury on the other hand was alluding me. It just never seemed to want to drop. Not only that, I was well aware that IF it ever dropped I would be rolling against A LOT of other people for it. (Hunters, Dps Death Knights, Feral Druids, other Rogues) we ALL want that trinket.

So my other option, and the one I have been using since just a few days after hitting lvl 80 has been the Heroism Badge Token Trinket Mirror of Truth. It to is a nice trinket, though its proc rate varies I usually got one every minute which made it worth it for me.

So we headed back into The Obsidian Sanctum for our weekly duel with the drakes. I have by this point given up all hope of seeing this trinket. Some of us are almost convinced it is a myth told by other players to spark false hope. It was a bumpy run, we were trying it with a new drake Shadron up and three of our top dps were not there. After a few attempts we determined that for this week we would just clear it and go on to Nax to get a start on the rest of the week.

Being one of the few dps who had managed to live through the flame walls and final adds I was busy doing clean up when my husband looted Satharion. I only heard him laughing about the drops. Then I saw it...Another Rogue who was with us whispered me "There is your trinket." My reply was "I will never win it, I roll lousy on guild runs." For some reason it was my night. A 97. I literally fell out of my chair.

As we went into Nax I kept looking at that Trinket as it proced, watched what it did to my dps and giggling to myself. I know in time I will get use to it. New upgrades soon become the old ones we are tired of and can't wait to replace. For now I will enjoy my new toy and hope it helps me to do better at my job. And I hope it drops again for all those others who desire it. Cus let me tell you, Facing that fury proc is a WONDERFUL thing.

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