Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have a SLAVE!!

Yes, it has finally happened, Blizz has given us slaves!

The last few days I have talked a lot about the new quests over in the Argent Tournament Grounds. I even talked bit about the new non combat pets you can buy, but I didn't mention the greatest non combat pet yet.

The Argent Squire.

You get this little guy when you have completed the Aspirant-Champion Quest chain and unlike OTHER non combat pets this one actually will CARRY stuff for you. (Granted they are just flags but still.)

Depending on which faction you are Championing at the moment he will proudly tout out those colors for you and carry them around in your wake. For all of you who hate to give up your Orphan during Children's week, here is the answer to your prayers. Now I just have to come up with a name for him....


  1. Call him "Bigfeets" .. man, they need to work on the models for the "kids". those feet are bigger than their heads. But srlsy? you get to name it?

  2. No you don't get to name them, they are still non combat pets, but When you macro to summon him I would like to call him something other than my "Argent Squire"