Thursday, March 26, 2009

That time again

It seems like every time a large content patch or expansion pack is due certain things happen.

It has become, to me a least, a predictable cycle.

People start to become "bored" with their mains and become "alt crazed" sometimes to the point that you seldom even SEE them on their mains unless dragged kicking and screaming. Or they are re specing their mains in an attempt to bring some "excitement" back into it.

Many guilds begin to fracture as the progression teamwork that once held them together is lost in the weekly grind of "easy clears". This often leads to poaching from other guilds, merging with other guilds in similar situations, dissolving altogether or having to change their focus in order to survive until the next patch hits.

None of this is new to those of us who have played this game for a while. They, (like I have already stated) have seen this pattern before and recognize it. We each just have to decided for ourselves how we are going to handle it this time around. And be honest with yourself, how you cope WILL be different each time if only slightly.

When BC was coming I discovered all gear I had worked so hard at collecting was soon going to be worthless so I began working on my alts and stockpiling my piggy bank in preparation. With LK I knew my gear was going to get me a WHOLE lot further so I worked on other things, the new achievements and again stockpiling cash for other items.

Now with this new patch I find myself doing similar things yet again. Lvling alts, maxing skills and stockpiling. But also making sure my gear is the best I can get it in preparation for the new content.

I have one advantage. In the 3+ years I have played World of Warcraft the first character I ever created was Daraia. I enjoy her just as much today as I did the day I made her. During BC I experienced a great deal of frustration, not because I didn't enjoy her, but because I was not able to play her as much as I wished due to other guild needs. I may not be happy with all of the changes they have made to the Rogue class but I STILL love the class. I STILL enjoy playing it and have YET to get bored with it.

So as we all wait and watch for the new content to become available, determine for yourself how you are going to handle this next incoming storm and where you are going to go from here. Because there is one thing to keep in mind: There IS no sitting still, you either move forward or you fall behind.

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