Thursday, July 2, 2009

Information Overload

For those of you who have asked sorry, I have not been blogging nor has the quality of those blogs been as satisfactory to me but when the summer months hit my "WoW Time" takes a major hit. Instead my focus is more on the little minions I have running around my house due to them being out of school. Things will settle into a routine at some point....say around September when they are all back in school again but until then please hang in there with me.

These last few weeks have been filled with so much information and speculation as to make a body's head spin. The amount of QQing I have heard over this or that proposed change has been astronomical to the point that no one topic can even dominate the conversation. Wintergrasp, Argent Colosseum, the new Badge system, the Token system, proposed FACTION transfers, Druid Form changes, ARGH!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!! As the majority of these changes are AT LEAST three months out I am not going to get completely bent out of shape about them NOW. I still have Ulduar to clear.

This is my problem at the moment: Something I have noticed with WotLK that I didn't notice with BC is once a new patch is announced it is as if the majority of interest in the current content begins to fall away because ALL the focus is on the upcoming content. "Why bother finish up my tier when I will be able to do it all with badge gear anyway?" This is the phrase I have been hearing a lot these past couple of weeks. I personally find this VERY sad.

Ulduar has only been out 2 MONTHS, the top guilds in the WORLD have YET to complete it on Hard Mode and players attention has already moved on to the next "shiny" coming down the lane. I know Blizzard can only focus on a few things at a time but at the moment it almost seems as if the focus is primarily on pushing EVERYONE into raiding and perhaps in a way in which they "are not prepared" for what all that entails. Who knows...I can only hope that things settle down a bit.

There are a few things I AM excited about seeing with the up coming patch that is for certain. The new VanCleef set for one (PLEASE, PLEASE something better looking than the scream faced, pickled Baby Helmed, THING we have now....) I do find it interesting that it is named after one of the first bosses Alliance kills though...But then we all know how people feel about us Rogues.
The time limit on Warsong Gulch. (I know Kill farmers are in agony over this.) Silverwing was the ONLY faction I had yet to get to exalted back in my Pvp days just because I just so DETESTED it....for someone with limited play time spending 2-3 hours on a TINY playing field in ONE GAME was just NOT something I enjoyed. At least back in the day of 12 hr+ Alterac Valleys I had new scenery to look at...
The new Colosseum I AM excited about. It sounds like a lot of only concern is when you get a lot of dialog in those types of places, while the first few times it is fun from a "lore" prospective. After that you wish you had a "fast Forward" button because you are saying the lines along with them...or yelling at the idiot to "stop telling you to hurry up and move his OWN lazy butt".
Only time will tell how this all pans out, for now I will sit tight and enjoy the content I have NOW.

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