Sunday, July 19, 2009

So Today I ment a Game Master...

I NEVER imagined I would encounter one of these:

This was a first for me. I mean I have seen the videos and seen others talk about their encounters with Game Masters "In Game" but to actually see one walk by and talking to others still caught me off guard. Valaem was not at the Gates of Iron Forge long, just enough to enjoy a spot of Gnome Punting.

So what do these Blue clad mystery's WEAR?...That is a question that has teased me since the whole Karatechop and the Martin Fury incident. The answer (at least in my case) was rather bland.

Her hood is rather unimpressive and in her case was not even showing. All the other items, minus her slippers are nothing more than the Glacial set. Her slippers were similar to the hood, a white item with no additional stats.

But she WAS funny. And while her visit was VERY brief she did manage to give us all a little taste of that "unassuming power" she had available to her.

Yep, I am the Giraffe. I can't complain, one of my guild mates who was also there was turned into one of the Slugs. Over all it was A LOT of fun and I am glad I got to have this experience at least once in my WoW career.


  1. Wow... I wish I had been feeling well enough yesterday to actually get online.. That would have been cool enough just to see... unfortunately, my stomach is still recovering from Thursday night's bout with food poisoning.