Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rep: Argent Dawn

With upcoming Patch 3.2 and its many new toys a rep many individuals will need to look at getting to exalted is that of the Argent Dawn. While some may actually first encounter it in a variety of places scattered throughout Azeroth it is centered in the plague lands in the Eastern Kingdoms with its head quarters being in the small chapel of Lights Hope.

Few things to keep in mind. First you need to be level 50 to get the Argent Dawn Commission. If you are an Alliance player that means you will want to head to Chillwind Camp in the Western Plaguelands at 50 and talk to Argent Officer Pureheart, or for the Horde, head to the Bulwark and speak with Argent Officer Garush and pick up your commission. I would however HIGHLY encourage you to upgrade it via the quest chain.

Now there are a BUNCH of quests you can do for the Argent Dawn to gain rep and if you are a level 50 or even a new Death Knight you may want to consider this. But if you are a level 80 looking to get this done quickly this is what I recommend: Gather your trinket and head over to Stratolme Undead side. Farm away until you hit Revered keeping all your Stones, Crypt Fiend Parts, and Bone Fragments until that point. You might even get a Mount out of the deal. Once you have managed that feat then head back over to Lights Hope and start turning them all in. If it doesn't get you to Exalted it should get you EXTREMELY close. Enough so that it won't take you long to just top it off.

The nice thing about this is it IS very fast. Just make certain you go in with empty bags before hand.
Happy Grinding!

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