Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rep: Thorium Brotherhood

We are getting to the end of the old world factions. Some of you have asked why save some of these until now? The answer is simple: Ease. Each of the previously covered factions could easily be soloed, but now we are getting to the reputations that require entry into raid instances to advance further. The Thorium Brotherhood is the PERFECT example of this.

Players usually first encounter this off shoot of the Dark Iron dwarves in Searing Gorge at their base in oh so originally named "Thorium Point". You can begin earning reputation with them by doing the repeatable quests for Master Smith Burninate.

From Neutral to Friendly he will send you after Incendosaur Scales along with Coal, Heavy Leather, Iron Bars, or Kingsblood. The Incendosaurs are all located underground at the Cauldron which is nearby, the drop rate is fairly good, the other items you will have to grind else where or purchase off the auction house if you don't have one of the necessary gathering professions to get them yourself.

Once you have reached Friendly you can begin turning in the Dark Iron Residue for Rep. This is EASY to obtain inside BRD. There are two quests you can do to turn this in, one is for batches of 100 and another for batches of 4. If you are NOT a human it doesn't really matter WHICH one of the two you do. But if you ARE a human do the smaller sets. The reason is due to our racial we get an additional 10% of rep EACH turn in so it will take FEWER materials over all. This will get you up to Revered.

Now once you have hit Revered you need to head into BRD to the Grim Guzzler. If during Brew Fest you managed to pick yourself up a Direbrew's Remote this is a REALLY easy proposition. If not you will have to either clear or stealth your way in.

From now on your Rep is obtained via Lokhtos Darkbargainer. He has five repeatable quests and all of the recipes that individuals may be interested in picking up.
The Dark Iron Ore can also be obtained in BRD but the other items he wants: Core Leather, Fiery Core, Lava Core and Blood of the Mountain are all only found in Molten Core.

Even if you have a hard time getting a full RAID together for boss kills it is not difficult with just two level 80s to clear trash and farm the desired items. (We will be discussing this strategy in more detail later when we cover Hydraxian Waterlord Rep Grinding.) Now of course you COULD buy items off the AH *shutter* but you all should know by now how I feel about spending money on ANYTHING unless there really is NO other option available.

So there you have it. The next set of factions I will be dealing with will be those Old World Factions you can only get rep with INSIDE Raid instances.

Happy Grinding!

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