Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Signs you need to take a break from WoW

This blog post comes about as the result of a conversation that took place today in Guild Chat. Barnaby had been up all night leveling said good by and logged....just about an hour later he was seems he had "the dream" (you know the one, where you are your WoW avatar?) and took it as a sign that he needed to get back on and play some more.

The rest of us were appalled...and immediately informed him that NO this is one of the signs that you need to step AWAY from the keyboard and go visit the REAL world for a while. Thus began one of the FUNNEST in game conversations I have had in a LONG time in which we all shared events that spurred us to do the same.

So what are some signs that you need to take a break from WoW?

1.When the Microwave dings and you respond with "Grats!"

2. When your Mother-in-law complains about air fair and you tell her she "needs to build up her faction rep".

3. When your friend tells you a joke and you respond with "LOL" or "ROFL".

4. You describe Marriage to someone as "transferring servers".

5. You see the color Purple and immediately think "EPIC"!

6. You tell your Mom you need to "upgrade you gear for School".

7. You refer to going to work as "doing your daily's".

8. You ask someone what level their cooking skill is at when enquiring about who will be preparing dinner.

9. You hear someone discussing fishing and begin to describe your Arcanite Fish pole, Weather-Beaten fishing Hat and Eternim Fishing Line.

10. You complain to your spouse that the time has come to "upgrade your land mount" when trying to convince them to buy a new car.

What makes this list the most frightening is that these are all things that have ACTUALLY how about you? What things have YOU caught yourself doing that made you say "ok, I need to take a step away from WoW for a bit and feel the sun on my face?"


  1. hmmm... I recently told someone to "back off before I went Orc on his hiney." does that count? however, you might want to ask a certain warrior tank that lives in Ohio about the Normal, Superior, Rare, and Epic quality storage bins in WalMart, and why he was trying to persuade someone to buy the purple over the blue... :-x

  2. Purposly getting my Boss's aggro, so he wouldnt see the mistake of a co-worker.

    Then there was the story of the teen who when a moose was attacking his sister, taunted then feigned death....true story somewhere on WowInsider. :)

  3. My Son did this the other day. When asked what he wanted for lunch responed "Do you have the mats for Grilled Cheese?"

  4. This is so true:-) I laughed so hard after reading this because it is all so true, hehehe

  5. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by Helen!