Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rep: Cenarion Circle

The Cenarion Circle, this faction is unique in that if you are a DRUID you will be familiar with them right from the start. But if you are say a Human you may not encounter them until MUCH later. While they have bases all over their MAIN center of operations is actually the small town of Nighthaven in Moonglade. If you are one of the aforementioned Druids at level 10 you will actually get a spell that will directly port you there, all others have to make the trek via the tunnels of the Timbermaw.

When it comes to gaining REPUTATION with these guys though the major place to do it is at their SECONDARY base in Silithus. Pre BC this was actually a much more difficult proposition than it is today. Now it is a VERY simple grind.

Find your self a nice collection of Twilight Cultist and start mowing your way through. Each one will give you 10 rep and unlike many other grinding rep mob they will CONTINUE to do this all the way through exalted. These mobs have the chance to drop Encrypted Twilight Text, Twilight Cultist Mantle, Twilight Cultist Robes and Twilight Cultist Cowls. Once you have a stack of 5 of the Text you can turn those in for 500 Rep to Bor Wildmane.

While you grind keep a look out for the Twilight Prophets. These are rare spawns (Rare is a figurative term here) that spawn about every 30 minutes. These guys drop 7-10 Text each time as well as a quest item and are worth 30 rep each time.

For every set of Twilight trappings you get you can open up one of the Lesser Wind Stones and kill the elemental it summons, this will give you Abyssal Crests. Three of these Crests can be turned in for the Medallion of Station. Combine this with the Twilight Trappings and you can summon the Elemental at the Wind Stones. These guys will then drop Abyssal Signets. Get three of THOSE and you can turn them in for the Twilight Cultist Ring of Lordship. Once you have a COMPLETE SET (the trappings, necklace and ring) you can summon the Elemental at the Greater Wind Stone. The final quest gives the greatest rep return of 1000 rep but at level 60 it was meant to be done as a 40 man raid. At level 80 most people can easily solo it or at the very least do it with two people.

You will certainly not want to be doing this grind with limited bag space. The Twilight cultist drop A LOT of junk both in the way of quest items (the items DO NOT stack) and general vendor trash. You are also going to want to make certain you have a couple of stacks of Large Brilliant Shards with you as the quests burn through these items rather quickly. My other suggestion is until you have completed this rep DON'T sell your Cultist Trappings. It is funny but some days you will literally DROWNED in Cowls and other days you can't get one to drop to save your soul. Often what I would do is after a grinding session was mail the items I hadn't used to an alt then mail them back. Then I had them available to me when I needed them. Afterward they all sold quite well on the AH to others who "only needed one more set to finish off this rep."

The other option you have for getting this rep is inside the 20 man Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. While this option may not be for everyone it IS an option.

So why would anyone want to grind THIS PARTICULAR reputation? If you combine it with Cenarion Expedition in Burning Crusade there is a nifty Title you can get out of it. Many people consider it a MUST if you are a druid. I am not sure how big of a motivator that truly is but I have had several of my druid guild mates specifically ask, wondering why I had neglected it this long. (To be honest....I just hated Silithis) but with the changes you can quite easily grind this rep from neutral to exalted in under six hours so... Happy Grinding!

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