Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Raining Weapons

After going MONTHS attempting to get a main hand weapon this past Nax run has been a roller coaster experience. I already shared how I FINALLY got Silent Crusader replacing my long farmed for Greed. Sure it required a respec and pulling out my old Avool's Sword of Jin to use as an off hand. But it was all to the good. Using those two got me both Expertise AND Hit Capped again so I was pretty happy.

I mentioned how it would be nice to maybe get my hands on Widow's Fury. Well, I go back into Nax and sure enough guess what drops? After MONTHS of weapons drought I SUDDENLY have COMPLETELY new weapons. So off I go, fork out for two new berserker enchants on them (because we all know there is no WAY I am going to get anything else for a while.) And enjoy a full day with my new toys.

So tonight we head BACK into Nax to finish it off. My Helm drops. I roll a 54, the other rogue rolls a 98 and Mage rolls a100. But the mage already had gotten a piece of gear that evening so that means the Helm goes to the other combat Rogue....But there is one other item that dropped...Calamity's Grasp.

Yes, I now have in my possession the spinner. So, tomorrow I will AGAIN have to respec, dig my Webbed Death back OUT of my bank and scrape up funds for yet ANOTHER berserker is SUCH a HORRIBLE problem to have right?...I will survive...grinning all the while.

So now I STILL need a tier helm (either t8 or t7) and a necklace (my 213 is actually my pvp necklace) so I am still using Pendant of the Outcast Hero. Once I have those two items I will FINALLY allow my priest to level to 80 and wear all the gear sitting in her bank.

The weapons just KEEP ON FALLING in our Ulduar 10 tonight we saw BOTH Kinetic Ripper AND Razorscale Talon. After MONTHS of NOTHING in the way of weapons it is a little unnerving.

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