Sunday, May 24, 2009

Loot Care Bear

So last night we headed back into Nax 25 to finish up the last four bosses. It was a really good run. While we had some people with us who had never done Gluth, Thadd, Saph and KT before we managed to either 1 or 2 shot them each. And over all the loot drops were upgrades for people in the raid (or at the very least useful) as I hate to leave with a pile of shards.

We get to Thadd, and what drops? Cover of Silence. FINALLY! A item 213 Helm to replace the Helm of Vast Legions I have been wearing for MONTHS.

But there is a problem. You see, I have seen this same helm drop two OTHER times and I have been faced with the same dilemma.... The other person I would be rolling against is wearing a blue.

So this was my internal debate:

1. Roll on the helm, (the feral druid only had a 22) get the helm and FINALLY have your Epic achievement and an Item 213 helm for Flame Leviathan.

2. Pass on it, because until I get another tier piece I STILL won't be able to use my Conqueror's Terrorblade Gauntles anyway due to loss of set bonus.

If you haven't guessed already, or you weren't there, yep...I did it again. I passed on it. Sure enough on KT my Helm Token drops but I lose the roll. Guild and Officer chat were FILLED with "Why did you let that helm go?!!?" Thankfully one of the other officers was able to say before I could even reply "Because she is a good mom."

I just can't do it, I can't take an item (even if it is an upgrade) from someone who I know needs it more. As a result of this I have lost out on Grim Toll, Fools Trial, and numerous other items I can't even recall.

One of my other rogue friends told me that I needed to change my attitude to one more like HIS that of which, when an upgrade drops my FIRST thought is:

"I can make better use of this item than anyone else here. I will appreciate it more therefor it SHOULD be mine. However, if I don't win it that is fine it just means that I wasn't meant to get it NOW."

Nah....For now, I will just continue to be a Loot Care bear and hope that in time I will get those pieces I need. Because I just can't stop believing if you do the right thing in the end you will be rewarded for it, Even if it isn't with Purples.

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