Thursday, May 28, 2009


So yesterday evening we headed back into Nax 25 for our weekly run. It was a little strange in that we has 30 people signed up for it. As a result we (For ONCE) we able to start ON TIME! and hit the ground running with Military wing. It was a little bumpy as people were still having some connection and lag issues and for some it was their first time in that wing but over all it went VERY well.

After clearing Military we headed into Construct Wing. Second wave of trash dropped Silent Crusader. Now I have seen this particular sword drop twice. I lost it the first time to a DK in a pug. The second time to another Rogue who was Sword speced. While using it did require me to respec and put up my Webbed Death for now. I don't mind in the least.

First of all I play a Human so being sword speced combat gives me added expertise placing me at cap again. Secondly while I don't have a 213 off hand weapon I did sill have my old Avool's Sword of Jin sitting in my bank just in case. Maybe I will get lucky and be able to pick up Widow's Fury. (So far I haven't had much luck on that one either, keep losing it to Dk's and other rogues.) Though in all honesty what I would REALLY like to do is head back into Eye of Eternity at some point and pick up Hailstorm. But that just hasn't been happening.

I will say though, getting a Main hand weapon felt great, not just for me but I think for everyone else in the raid. We finished everything else in Construct but Thadd, will do Him and the rest of Nax tonight hopefully. Providing of course we have a repeat performance of people being there ON TIME! Oh but THAT was wonderful....

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