Friday, May 29, 2009

From Clicker to Keybinder

I have always been a clicker....but the more I learn about WOW the more I learn that if I want to get BETTER at what I do I need to be willing to try new methods. Lately I have been hearing A LOT about key binding. Now the plate wearer in the family has the whole fancy key pad hooked up to HIS PC to handle all of HIS macros and such...but me...nope, I have been clicking away.

So as I have been learning more I have decided I REALLY need to look into this Key binding business, especially when people express shock that I have gone this LONG with out making the transition. Now I am no theory crafter. But I AM a researcher. So what I have been doing is looking at all those OTHER brilliant people who actually KNOW what they are talking about in this area and then working in baby steps to change.

One thing I found that I thought was EXTREMELY helpful was this:The only thing that I have found rather frustrating in my research is that the majority of modern articles focus on ARENA or PvP applications rather than PvE . The others, as with Encrypted Text seem to focus on the new DEVICES rather than just using what you may already have.

This leaves individuals like me with forums to ask others in the Rogue community what works for THEM and then adjust accordingly. Basically it all comes down to:

Adjust SLOWLY, a few steps at a time, bind keys as they feel comfortable to YOU and give yourself time to re teach your fingers what to do.

A lot of what I read talks about using a "3 button mouse" or a "5 button mouse" but I personally prefer my thumb trackball so I am adding that into my personal mix as well. At this point I have just put all my normal rotation moves on my number keys (I happen to have long fingers so this is comfortable for me) and I already associate the numbers with the moves on my action bar.

Since I am in the process of farming Librams for Shen'dralar Rep in Dire Maul I figured it is the perfect place to practice learning these new skills. Hopefully I get it all down soon.

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  1. Heya,

    Congradulations on leaving the world of clickers. I posted on this subject a while ago on my noisyrogue blog. The title of the post is "My action Bar." You might find that interesting :)

    Like your blog,