Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It never fails...

It seems that my Modem was in cahoots with my computer....for no sooner did I mention that electronic equipment is NOT my forte, that in fact I was convinced it is all truly alive and out to get me but my modem decided it was time for a PERMANENT vacation. In fact, it decided it wanted to retire. Of COURSE it waited until AFTER its warranty had expired so it would require the purchase of a NEW device.

The Plate wearer in the family was not OVERLY disturbed by this as it meant the all important "upgrade" could now happen. As this "upgrade" resulted in the consolidation of our modem and router into ONE machine for little more than the cost of the LAST Modem I too am rather pleased with this turn of events. (It translates into one less box cluttering my desk and since THIS device is WIRELESS about 6 less wires weaving their way along the back of it.)

So this is why there was no post from me yesterday. Things are SLOWLY getting back in order as I adjust to the new system and my computer learns to "play nice" with his new friend. My HOPE is that I will be back to my regularly scheduled program soon.

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