Monday, June 1, 2009

Where have all the Rogue mains gone?

I may have mentioned it before but I LOVE Wintergrasp and it's Raid Vault of Archavon. The battles themselves are a great deal of fun (at least on our server I hear horror stories about other ones.) It is the chance to interact with such a LARGE section of our server that I truly enjoy.

Lets face it, we all tend to get very involved in our personal guilds (unless they are friendships of long standing) at the higher levels at least and really not interact to much with those outside of them. Wintergrasp has helped "mix things up" a little in that EVERYONE seems to enjoy participating. This has allowed me to have some interesting conversations with other rogues and what I am discovering disturbs me a little.

Rogues are a dying breed. At least as mains. The majority of rogues I talk to on my server are NOT mains but ALTS and are used primarily for PvPing not raiding. At first I thought I was just my imagination...I mean we ARE rather sneaky and all but then I checked out the Statistics and sure enough...The only ones doing WORSE than us population wise are Shammans and Warlocks. The biggest DIFFERENCE I have seen is that people actually WANT the Shammans and the Locks for the buffs and closets but Rogues...we are really rather reviled. Other than for the occasional picked lock you don't see people spamming trade looking for a ROGUE to go do anything with them. In pug groups we generally are the LAST picked and FIRST kicked for a class that will give buffs.

I am not sure how I feel about it. Even some of the other Rogue BLOGS I read seem to be struggling with it as (like I did in Burning Crusade) they find themselves playing their ALTS more than their mains. Some have even considered re-rolling ENTIRELY but it is only the fact that they have already put SO MUCH work in to their character that holds them back. Blizzard has stated that Rogues are "where they want them to be" Dps wise and that can be clearly seen in that for the past few patches they really haven't done MUCH to our class save a few MINOR tweaks. It does make me wonder though, how a class that is just SO MUCH FUN to play is slowly fading away.

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